Blast from the past test kit.

  1. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    So, who remembers the test kits from the 80's and 90's?

    My husband and I have been going through the basement tossing a bunch of junk away when we came across a box labeled "Fish Stuff". Well talk about a blast from the past. I don't even know why I still have this stuff. I found my old Jungle brand PH test strips that expired 07/92. How about these things.....


    Look at the date on the copper card


    Who remembers fighting these tabs to dissolve so you can read your peramaters? Talk about crazy memories.
  2. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I remember my neighbor used to have tanks in that time period and I vaguely remember him doing some tests like that. Have you tried them to "see" what kind of reading you would get? Would be funny if they somehow still worked.............
  3. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Woe, going through this box has been fun, but I filled my trash can with old test stuff, hosing, medications, and all sorts of junk that I have no idea why I kept. I did keep 2 old pumps that still work, 2 heaters, my old 20 gal sponge filter, my breeder box, and some old decorations. 2 of them were from my very first tank I got in 1982. What's more amazing is they are not broken. I even found a big chunk of Jade that I had in one of my tanks. This was a true treasure trove that brought back many memories.
  4. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Naw, I threw everything out. The only test tube I had left had no cap and was cracked. The tube is bigger then the ones we have today.