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  1. I

    IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    Oi 8 is a lot. And those are ones you found... Do you have blue/black leds? That was the only way I could see the babies that small.

    Btw, the babies in my tank seemed to be attracted to my UV-B plant light. They crawled up out on to the glass right undwr the light. I don't know if that would help or work.

    I don't think my problem is over either. I was just squinting in my tank and noticed a tiny little guy. It hasn't been long enough for mystery snail babies yet, unless it hitched a ride in the shell of a bigger one that just came in. I really regret the first pest that made it in.
  2. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    I don't think the light has anything to do with the snails crawling up, they usually do it when there is something wrong with the water, to get out of the water.
  3. I

    IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    Well I have many other snails and they acted just fine. Water param didn't change and as soon as I stopped my uv b light they stopped crawling out onto the glass. It sure seemed like it was the light to me. They don't go towards my led lights at all. I don't know. It was just a thought.

  4. OP

    tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Update: I just saw another clutch. Wanted to remove it but my shrimp was on top of it and I didn't want to disturb it.

    .....they were all cherry shrimp eggs. She's laying them. :facepalm::nailbiting::banghead:
  5. N

    Natalya Well Known Member Member

    I do not think cherry shrimps lay eggs. They usually carry them on their underside until they hatch
  6. OP

    tunafax Well Known Member Member

    :( :( :(

    She was right on top of a a clutch that wan't there 10 mins ago. :( I was so hopefully, too. Oh man... :(
  7. sfsamm

    sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    I don't hate bladder snails, they are actually pretty handy cleaner uppers especially for plant matter. That said I have fairly heavily planted tanks so I appreciate the help. I also keep a healthy colony of very happy assassins and if one tank is getting a bit overwhelmed (my son's tank for example) a move around a few assassins. They absolutely can eradicate a population of bladder snails, no doubt about it and will scavenge left over food or algae when there's no other snails to eat. They take time, it's not an over night fix. But I actually rescue a few pest snails to a "pest tank" before dropping assassins so that I can keep them fed off snails and breeding when I don't have enough pests for assassins...

    If I get pests in either of my display tanks they get an army of assassins to conquer the invaders. I keep one in all my shrimp tanks (except my spendy shrimp) and my fry tank at all times. And when they aren't needed they live with my bettas and I drop 2-3 snails a week from the snail tank per assassin (sometimes less depending on size). I've never had an assassin eat a shrimp, shrimplet or fry.

    Theres a balance for everything and everyone. The way I handle pest snails is not for everyone, but I love how it works, I think assassins are beautiful snails and pests are useful. It works for me. :)
  8. toolman

    toolman Well Known Member Member

    Snails dont eat live plants, just dead or dying leaves. Like @sfsamm i actually like them in all my planted tanks and add them purposely. If you dont overfeed, and yes we all do but its human nature, they wont take over. I once tried to kill them off, its not worth it, the loaches killed all my livebearer fry so I've learned to manage them by feeding less. Your fishes stomach is the size of a pin head and they can go two weeks without eating, but we think sonce we eat three times a day they should two. I fast my fish at least twice a week.

    Edit: I have many bladder, pond, ramshorn, nerite, mts, and mystery snails in all my planted tanks.
  9. I

    IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    If they have nothing else to eat they will eat the alive plants. There are some live plants they like by choice. I am not sure why but my mystery snails annihilated my water wyst wysteria (sp?l
  10. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Bladder snails are not mystery snails...
  11. I

    IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    Yes I know that. I have some kind of pests I don't want as well as the mystery snails I want in my tank. They both do the same thing. Most snails will eat live plants if they have no other choice.
  12. toolman

    toolman Well Known Member Member

    Snails will not harm your plants, they eat dead or dying leaves not healthy ones. I have 6 tanks (4 are mine and two are my sons I help with) and they all have live plants and snails, many snails.

    My four have near a hundred snails in each, even the 10g and the plants are good.
  13. OP

    tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Well I came home and removed 6 more clutches. The shrimp is fine, the snail is... being a snail. I'm going to let this be a snail tank, but I'll remove as many food sources as I can as well as get rid of the eggs. I know for sure I don't have the heart to crush my snail. :(

    I took out the cabomba and did a 2 min bleach dip. The plant is in a different tank where I plan on moving the shrimp.

    How long until I know if the plants are dead or not?

    PS: thanks for all the help, you guys. :) I only had cool yellow snails before which I assume were nirates because I never had any babies. My favorite plant type is obviously plastic. Way out of my depth here... all I wanted was 1 shrimp lol.