Blackwater fish ideas!!

  1. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Ok question!! I have a 40 tall with one adult angel, 5 harlequin rasbora, and a bristlenose pleco. This tank will be a Blackwater tank soon so it will be very dark in color. I am looking for a fish to add that will enhance the tea like water color. I like the way the rasboras look because they have that brown tan color with black and my angel is very natural looking, with browns and blacks also. I'm wanting to keep the natural look but these fish don't have to be black and brown.

    I'm looking for something that stays somewhat small, can be in a group of 2 or 3, will look good and natural in blackwater, and will get along with my fish.

    Any ideas??? Thanks everyone!!
    And also everything is welcome, so bring on the suggestions!!
  2. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Some kind of Apistogramma. They do best with 2 females to 1 male, and thrive in black water.
  3. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    I would do apistos as well. Plenty of color varieties to choose from in that family. You can also look at other fish from their natural habitats. I would also increase the school of rasboras, as they'll be even more colorful and active in larger numbers.
  4. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Yea the rasbora school is going to go up to 10.
    I was thinking apistos also.. they are a great idea, Im thinking of something really exotic. Like something that's not too popular. But apistos are a good idea

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  5. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Then, let me introduce you to this page I'm currently browsing at one of my favorite online retailers:

    Most of these fish I've never seen available anywhere else. Some are incredibly hard to keep and many require live food, and weaning onto prepared foods. I would look at the amazon leaf fish. It's bound to be aggressive, and I have no idea if it's compatible with your current stock, but it's something to think about.

    Edit: You should also check out their new world cichlid page. Lots of cool stuff there :) You can also check the Collector's specials at batfish aquatics.
  6. Jake98 Member Member

    South American Leaf fish are great, however it would quickly eat your Rasboras. They also require lots of live food. An adult angle may bully the leaf fish, they are fairly timid and very slow.
  7. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    That's an awesome wedsite junebug !! Thanks for that.
    The leaf fish are cool. I've always liked them. I just kind of want something peaceful in a way that o can Still have my schooling fish

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  8. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    I also love batfish aquatics lol they have lots of cool stuff.

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  9. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Gunpowder and Batfish are awesome! Lol. I love their selection and they have lots of unusual fish. I'm actually hoping that the guy at Batfish will be able to find those little green catfish I need. If he can't, no one can LOL.

    I was browsing around on Gunpowder's tetra page (I think that's where I saw them anyway) and they have these really cool white tetras in stock. Tiny, too, so if you decided to get some, you could do a decent sized school. If you have a lid, you could do a small species hatchetfish

    As for a blackwater trio, if that's the route you go (I know that's what you wanted but I get carried away) my favorite gouramis for that would be the red honey gouramis, and my favorite cichlid would be either rams, or these guys:

    Edit: Never mind :( Checkerboards need to be kept in larger groups.
  10. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Dang, I really liked those checkerboards!! :( I don't mind you getting carried away because I like hearing different suggestions, even if it's not what I originally wanted lol :p are you talking about the first tetra on the tetra page?? They are very cute lol
    And I would love to do rams but they make me nervous. :(

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