Question Black Worms & Cherry Shrimp?


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Hey guys! I’ve been wondering what I should do regarding my ADF. I’ve had 3 in my display tank for over a month, but 2 have died within the past few days :( Water was fine, I’m guessing they sadly starved. I placed the remaining one in a cup with some of its tank water and dropped in some pellets. I saw that they “didn’t mind” being moved to eat and I felt bad bc he was looking slim as well! But he seemed stressed and ate only one pellet. Since it’s a community tank I think the fish were eating everything before the frogs found it; fish crisps, algae wafers, and sinking aquatic frog pellets. I’ve heard of people target feeding. And I’ve seen floating docks I can probably set up to be just under the waters surface (I’d plan to always feed on there so the frogs learn to find food there), and just today learned of culturing black worms. I’m wondering what the best options are? I have a 3.5 G I planned on breeding cherries in, so now I’m wondering if I can breed the shrimp and the blackworms in this tank and put the worms in my tank as needed so fish and frogs can find them. Wondering if this would work out bc it seems healthiest and most sustainable? Idk if the worms would disappear in my community tank before my frogs could find them? My fish are savage eaters!


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We spot feed our ADF with an eye dropped and some frog food, can't remember what the food is called.

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