Black/White Perc or Sebae?

  1. crazedACD Member Member

    Curious...I had a "black/white percula" come into work. Looking at the pictures of them, versus what I have in my tanks...I'm wondering if he is in fact a dark sebae or clarkii clown. How would I tell the difference at this point? He is quite small, 2" or so. His face is more tan, and pectoral fins are yellow-the most obvious difference from what I see in pictures. I guess I can try and get a picture if it will help.

    I don't like selling improperly labeled fish. :)
  2. crazedACD Member Member

    Here's a pic of the little guy in question :).

  3. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    doesn't look like the average b/w percula to me. But i'm not that great at IDing..
    The head shape looks wrong to me, as well as the colour of the fins.
  4. crazedACD Member Member

    Ooh forgot to update this, found out he is in fact a saddleback clown, not a percula or sebae. :) Thanks!

  5. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    ooooh cool - i've never even heard of it :D