Black Tetras are dying one at a time

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    Greetings folks

    I have a 20 gallon tank! Been cycled for 6 months and the parameters are: Nitrate 5-15, Nitrite 0-0.5, PH 7.0.
    It is planted with Anubias and Mosses attached to two pieces of driftwood.
    I have a pearl gourami, fire gourami, and had 12 black tetras (now 9). I see no visible signs of disease. Seems that one tetra will start swimming towards the surface and begin gasping. If it were an oxygen issue i'd imagine everyone would be laboring. I introduced the pearl gourami three days ago and noticed that's when the tetras started going. The rest are extremely active, have appetites, and school non stop. The last three that died had the same symptoms. Not sure if it's stress or maybe a disease introduced by the pearl. The two gouramis are extremely docile and non territorial.

    I'm stumped folks! Thoughts?

    Thanks everyone
  2. BornThisWayBettas

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    What test kit are you using and what are your ammonia levels? You shouldn't be getting any readings for nitrites, btw.

    Yes, it very well could've been the pearl. Did you notice any signs of sickness or death in the tank where the pearl came from?
  3. OP

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    Im using the API 5 in 1 test strips. Ran out of all the others (haven't read ammonia in a few weeks). The pearl was in an extremely clean discus tank with other pearls and juvenile discus. Been using that vendor for years, with 0 problems. I'm overdue I think. No signs of sickness or deaths in the tanks, even called the vendor and no problems on his end either. I got complacent with ammonia readings, will have to purchase that kit. If it were a parasite, i'd imagine everyone would be struggling. Shoot maybe my parameters are whacked out. I did switch out filters recently. Didn't keep the Carbon of the old one, fiancé threw it away :(.

    In fact this pearl is the most attractive/healthy I've ever seen. Didn't even plan on buying him, but literally had to have him.
  4. BornThisWayBettas

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    If you didn't keep any of your filter media, then it's possible that your tank is going through a re-cycle. Of course, I can't say this for sure until I know all your parameter readings. Also, remember to get a liquid test kit (I and many other people on here highly recommend the API Freshwater Master Test Kit), as the strips are inaccurate and will cost you more money in the long run.

    Did the fish have very red gills before death?
  5. cooperbh

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    Likely an internal parasite, bacteria or protozoa introduced by the pearl, who has built up resistance to it. There's really no way to know for sure. If you have a hospital tank, you can try treating the sick fish with elevated temps and a multipurpose medicine, but you'll have to get someone else to recommend one.
  6. OP

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    I'm most definitely face palming right now.  I think you are correct on the recycle.  I have a bare bottom tank that I keep incredibly clean.  On top of the new penguin filter I put in.  All the fish are relatively Newer. I dosed some Quick Start in there, only 15 ml, just now.  Should I dose 20?  To try to combat the Ammonia, since I can't test till tomorrow.  I guarantee that's what it is now.  I just didn't think of it being an older tank, DUH!  Well hope everything can make it!  I did a quarter change today, should I do 10% every day or what do you think?
  7. BornThisWayBettas

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    I've never used Quick Start, so I can't advise on that, sorry. :)
  8. Dom90

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    I've heard from several people that Quick Start doesn't work. I suggest getting a bottle of Seachem Stability to quickly re-establish your bacteria in the filter.

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