Black Stuff On My Cichlid Rocks And Wood.


We have this black stuff that has seemed to have invaded or tank. I thought it was black beard algae so I started taking the rocks out of the tank so I could kill the algae with extreme temperatures. Once I pulled out the rocks I noticed that it is not fluffy (best way I can seem to describe it) like other algae. I can't even feel it on the rock. It's like it's part of the rock. Does anyone know what this is so I can try and get rid of it.


Is it fuzzy, kinda like velvet? Not a clue what it is but I have it all over certain rocks, cichlid stone included. Seems harmless enough and I often see the mbuna trying to graze on it.


It’s a type of Algae. If it just recently started to show up and your tank is well established, then what have you changed? Amount of light? Increased or decreased ferts?
If your tank is new, then it might go away on its own.

If you want to try something to make it go away soak you rocks in hydrogen peroxide solution for a few minutes, rinse them off and put them back, the peroxide will kill the algae and it should fade away in a few days. If it goes away and comes back then you have some type of imbalance in your water chemistry.
You did not list what your parameters are it might help if you mentioned your Nitrate levels, as well as Ph I assume you ammonia and nitrite are zero or very close as they should be in a well cycled tank.

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