Black Spots On Goldfish

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    brent0000 New Member Member

    hello i am new to owning a fresh water tank and this is how i got my new goldfish.. I got Dill the goldfish for my younger nephew, it is a small plain 88 cent goldfish. when i first got him for my nephew i bought him from walmart which i know was a horrible idea to begin with but anyway, he had a black spot on his head and back fin so i had him in a 3 gallon tank with aquarium salt and it the spots went away and i gave Dill back to my nephew and when i went to visit the goldfish he was put into a .5 gallon tank that was half filled and absolutely filthy with debris just floating everywhere you could hardly see the fish! i was furious and took him back so he is now my Dill fish now but he has a gash on his head apparently their cat got to him and he has tiny black dots on the sides of his body. the gash on his head isnt bad but i am worried about the dots. he is in a 40 gallon tank by himself now and i added 4 ick clear water tabs because i read online about black ick disease and it sounded like he had it and i also added aquarium salt but i figure id ask for pointers on how to help him. he is also very scared of humans and keeps spitting some of his food back up and i do want to help him very bad.. you can just barely see them but theyre there.
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    Welcome and kudo to you for saving this fish. Can you provide a pic? We'd love to help you out.
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    you can just hardly see the dots but this is the best i could get since he is normally in hiding, (the water is blue from the ick clear tablets)

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