Black spot!???

  1. edgardcafe Member Member

    I just doing a treatment for ich on my tank and today noticed one of my gubbies has a black spot ... I think it's a young Gup...
    Someone know about this black spot ? Please help ...thanks in advance
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Does it look raised or have a different texture to the skin and scales around it? If not I would guess that your guppy is maturing and developing its adult colours!
  3. edgardcafe Member Member

    It looks damage around or anything..also he(or she) is swimming fine. I hope it's normal as you said! Thanks
  4. MinhMai Member Member

    That's the color starting to come in. Mine did the same and now they have red and black dots with neon green shading.
  5. edgardcafe Member Member

    So glad to hear that ! Thanks to replay
  6. edgardcafe Member Member

    Yesterday I was watching my aquarium and did not find the gup that has the black spot ...I thought the black spot disappear ..and later on I checked again and the black spot was tiny ...well I checked and the black spot is there but bigger and some times the black spot's weird!
  7. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't know about guppies but all the fish I have experience have variable colouration. Their markings darken and lighten, shrink and expand, depending on their mood, stress levels, environmental conditions, etc. It can happen really fast, too! My Angels' stripes can go from deepest black to completely invisible in an instant:)
  8. MinhMai Member Member

    My guppies/endlers are all male and shift color based on stress and current level of dominance in the tank. They're always doing their displays to each other, but there's enough of them that the aggressive behavior spreads out.
  9. edgardcafe Member Member

    Thanks ...I didn't know that ! I thought I was seeing things!!