Black Skirt Tetras

  1. Squirrelmanajh Member Member

    I have a question about my black skirt tetras. I have 6 bst in my 29 gallon tank and they do school, but often they nip at each others fins. Is this normal behavior and is it bad for them?
  2. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I've noticed the black fins I've had in the past have been nippy with eachother.

  3. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    They are not only nippy with each other, but they can also be nippy with others in the tank. And, no it is not good to have nipped fins. If you have room in your tank, you may want to add another blackskirt or two.
  4. Squirrelmanajh Member Member

    i haven't noticed them nipping at other fish yet, but I'll look into getting a couple more. They're only a $1 at petsmart right now, so that should be pretty doable.

  5. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member


    I've noticed that Blackskirt Tetras are one of those tetras that need a school of at least 10 to keep them busy. Or else they get more destructive as they mature. Nipping other fish and each other is pretty common when they are not in a full school. However they still might nip at each other a little bit even after being kept in a larger school.
  6. Squirrelmanajh Member Member

    hmm ok, thanks a bunch!
  7. Fall River Member Member

    I agree with R A. I have 9 BST in a 34 gal, 3 foot tank. When they're schooling they look great and are fun to watch. Most of the time they spread out around the tank and kinda just hang around. When they're like that they are constantly sniping at each other. The big ones swipe at the small ones and vice versa. Only occasionally do they snipe at the other fish. I've watched them very closely and they rarely make actual contact with each other. There hasn't been any actual fin nipping and I've seen no damage to them or the other fish.
    All that being said I don't think increasing the school size will alter that behavior. Personally I've been thinking that they would be happier in at least a 5' tank. I believe they'd really appreciate the increased horizontal swimming space.
    I've been considering offering them on the B/S/T forum, but they'd HAVE to be rehomed to at least a five foot tank.

  8. Squirrelmanajh Member Member

    Wow, that completely accurately describes how mine act. I've also thought about rehoming them, but I'm not sure if I know anyone with a big enough tank and I'm not comfortable with shipping fish
  9. Fighter56AndHisBrother Initiate Member

    Tetras are fun, especially if they school around; however, I've noticed their nippy behavior as well. Unless you get more of them I would rehome them.

    Also, I always encourage fish lovers to try salt water aquariums. They can be much more enjoyable if you are willing to put in the time, money and effort.
  10. Squirrelmanajh Member Member

    Thanks and I don't know if I'd agree with that saltwater statement. I love my freshwater guys a whole lot. I'm sure saltwater would be great but I don't know if it's more enjoyable or not bc I enjoy my Betta's a lot and my 29g. But thanks

  11. Fighter56AndHisBrother Initiate Member

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but so am I. The only reason I prefer salt water is because I absolutely love Finding Nemo . I don't have time to debate you right now about how much better salt water tanks are ... perhaps later.
  12. Squirrelmanajh Member Member

    haha ok, that is a good point. I don't mean to argue, I hope you do enjoy your saltwater tanks and maybe one day I can have one to test your hypotheses.
  13. Fighter56AndHisBrother Initiate Member

    I appreciate those kind words. I apologize if I sounded a little terse. My passion is salt water. I hope I can learn from your fresh water knowledge
  14. Stevec Initiate Member

    I've got 3 black skirt tetras. They do chase each other around but never any damage done. I've never had a problem with them. One of them is HUGE! He is the same size as my dwarf Gourami, if not bigger!