Black Skirt Overeats

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by Figure8Fan, Mar 24, 2010.

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    My female BST eats too agressively and has doubled in size over the past two months. At feeding time, she greedidly eats so much that she looks like she's going to burst. I try and feed my two Leopard Cories shrimp pellets, but after devouring the flakes or bloodworms I use to distract her - she'll see them eating, scoop up a pellet and carry it around, before practically swallowing it whole. I'm concerned that she is eating too much and it reminds me of the old fish tale of overfeeding a goldfish that grows too big for the tank. Between her and my territorial single blue tetra (the other pig in the group) the rest of the community doesn't get quite as much food as they probably should. Should I attempt to chase down and isolate her during feeding time for her health?
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    Hi Figure8fan

    Hehe, yes, I know the feeling too.

    If you can get your hands on a tank divider, it will make feeling a lot easier. Or you can feeling from both ends of the tank at the same time - your pig fish can't be everywhere at once.

    I have algae waffers for my Chinese algae eater but the BST where eating them too! So I now bury them in the gravel, and the algae eaters will rolls the pebbles off when they find it.

    Hope I've given you some ideas.
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    My thought in this is the result of mixing active and less active fish together. lol The faster aggressive ones get all the food as the others get a bit or two because they aren't as fast. As for the feeding the Corys, drop their food in there before lights out, when you are off to bed. :)
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    Hey - I never thought about feeding the Cories at night! I'll give that a try and I think I remember seeing a tank divider at my LFS. Thanks for the ideas! :;fb