Black Shark?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Sharks' started by Akari_32, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Anyone ever heard of these? I saw some at the pet store the other day, but of course, no body could tell me about them. I tried to compared them to the rainbow and redtailed sharks at the store, but the tanks were too far away really help me much lol

    So anyways, I remembered just now, and googled them. It brought up LiveAquaria.


    Anyone have anything to add?
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    These Sharks truly should not be in any community tank. They will reach a length up to about 30" (2.5 Feet). IF so, a 300 Gallon+ would be advisable with ONLY one in it. These sharks are very active, aggressive and will fight with nearly any other kind of fish.

    Inside Info: They're actually a Catfish.
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    Oh yea... :;smack
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    From what I can tell, they are just larger brattier rainbows. Am I correct there?
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    What the heck would you put it in?!
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    Nothing of mine! I was just curious lol
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    I was thinking more along the lines of Jell-o :;laughing
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    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Just trying to picture a fish swimming in Jell-o.... :;laughing That's hours of entertainment right there!
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    So why the heck would a common LFS sell them? Stupid!
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    Redtail catfish(not shark)
    Giant gourami

    Need i say more? They are pretty and they have a cool name :p
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    Not to mention common plecos. Goldfish and most of the more cichlids could really be added to the list as well.
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    meh, i was keeping it 2'+ I meant to add Common Plecs though, your right. There are some other species like Knifes and such that could be mentioned as well. There is a Fish store in New York called "The fish place" where they keep roughly 3-400 species at any given time in appropriately sized tanks and everything. I have been, it is AMAZING. Well, they have a wall tank, that is, an entire wall turned into a massive fish tank that i can only assume is about 3-5k gallons. That is where they keep all the monsters that they get as rehomes. I saw all the fish i listed in it(minus the mekong) and 2 knifes that were ridiculously huge.
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    My lfs also sells shovelnose cats, and red tailed/shovelnosed hybrids.
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    :shock: Boggles the mind, doesn't it?