Black Ruby Barb Care Guide


Black Ruby Barb
(Puntius nigrofasciatus)

Common names: Black Ruby Barb, Purplehead Barb, Ruby Barb.

Size: 6-7cm

pH: 6.0-7.0

Tempº: 20ºC - 26ºC

Tank region: Middle layer

Origin: SrI Lanka

Gender: Difficult in juvenile fish, but easier when thy reach adulthood. Mature males in breeding condition will develop the dark coloration this species is famous for whereas females will retain the striped light coloration. Females are also plumper than males.

Notes: The Black Ruby Barb is an attractive aquarium species; with females sporting similar coloration to a Tiger Barb or Fivebanded Barb. It's care is typical of any small barb species and as such is not particularly challenging to provide for; but it is a bit more fragile than some other members of it's family so is not an ideal fish for the novice aquarist.

Being a Barb, it is a gregarious species that should always be kept in groups of 6 or more. It is an omnivore by nature, and is not a fussy eater so it can be fed on most small fish foods without a problem. As with all small schooling fish, adding plants to it's environment can make the Black Ruby Barb feel more comfortable as it has places to hide.

It prefers to live in a cool tropical temperature range and should not be combined with heat loving species. However, it's peaceful temperament makes it an excellent choice for a community tank of similarly sized fish. Since 1996 this species has been listed as 'Conservation Dependent' on the IUCN Red List, but this has improved since 1986 when it was listed as 'Vulnerable'.

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