Black Neons & Snails?

  1. blfresh Initiate Member

    Does anyone have experience with black neon tetras and snails? Do they pick at snails? I have a 30 gallon planted tank and I have several blue platys. They are shredding my vals and constantly pick at the mystery snails. Plus their bio-load is off the charts. I'm thinking of removing the platys and putting in a school of black neons if they were safe with the snails.
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't think the black neons will bother the snails if they're in appropriate numbers. What other fish do you have in the tank? That'll determine how many black neons you can add.

  3. blfresh Initiate Member

  4. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    The bnp is more likely the. Culprit.
    though it could be pristella

  5. GoldenKillifish Member Member

    I can tell you that derfinitely black neon are fine I have 5 with my mystery and nerite. Same for my pristella tetras.Also not surprised the blue platy I had two and they didn't bother snails but were snippy with other colored fish.
  6. blfresh Initiate Member

    Hey plecomaker. The pristellas have been wonderful. They've been in the tank about a year and are very peaceful, even spawning. I've watched a platy take a snail antenna and shake it like a bulldog. I'm really fond of the snails and enjoy watching them. I'll keep an eye on the bnp. It's a four inch male and quite active.
  7. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    Iwas actually thinking more of the plant damage and bioload when i mentioned them, more specifically the plec.

  8. blfresh Initiate Member

    The pristellas don't touch the plants but yes the pleco will. He isn't as bad as the platys which will shake the plants just like they do the snail antennas.