Black Neon Tetras - their stripe has turned from white to gold?

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by Akeath, Dec 28, 2012.

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    So I got some Black Neon Tetras recently. In the store, they had white stripes. When I added them to my aquarium, however, their stripes turned gold. The exact same shade of gold as the Gold Tetras I have in there now, in fact. They are now schooling with the Gold Tetras, too. I've actually had the Gold Tetras change a stripe to different colors before as well (bright orange and bright blue, when the wanted to school with Harlequins and Praecox Rainbows respectively, most of them now have regular gold coloring again though).
    However, I've never heard of a Black Neon's coloring changing in this way. Does anyone know if the Black Neons will get their normal coloring back or not? If so, is there anyway I can make that happen? I've been excited about the Black Neons and wanting them for years, but with a gold stripe the black and white contrast I bought them for is ruined, and they just look like Gold Tetras with a black stripe now. I'm really unhappy with how this is looking...:-?
    I only have 8 Black Neons right now. I was planning on getting 11, but with them looking like this I'm not sure I want more. Would having more Black Neons maybe fix this?
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    Could you get some pictures of this? I have a group of 6 and never had they been anything but black :/
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    Picture would be helpful.
  4. OP

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    Here is a picture:

    As you can see, the Black Neons have their regular black stripe still underneath the other one, but the stripe above it is gold instead of white.
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