Black Neon Tetra

I have to say, not among the prettiest but definitely one of the hardiest.
Brought 12 and was expecting at least 1 casualty in the first 2 weeks, to my surprise, none!

Very active top and mid range swimmer.
Might buy some for my friends who have no lucky with schooling fish.
Bought them in early March when they were juvenile and all 12 are adult size now.
ZERO casualties.

If you like the color of a Black Neon Tetra, then it is worth the money buying them.
I've found them to be quite resiliant as well, though it was black neons that had introduced NTD to my tank. The one time I don't quarantine....

Did the NTD kill any of your Black Neon?
Any Bullying?

I started a small school of black neons in my 20G. Added 5. Lost one in an hour due to ph shock I think (tried dripping aclimation but the lfs water was 7.2 and mine was 7.8) but they wouldn't school. There was one and the remaining three looked terrified and hid. I added three more and replaced the dead one for a school of 8, hoping the increased numbers would solve it but it's made it worse.
My "big guy" nips at all the others and they all hide in the plants. Five of them are smaller, about an inch but the other two or about the size of the bully and they are just as terrified to go near him.

I'm pretty sure the others aren't able to eat and I don't know if I should return the bully or just see if he ever calms down. Seriously... he acts like a convict chiclid, has anyone else ever seen this in a black neon?

I want a SCHOOL to look at, not this big bully in the center looking fat and happy. Wondering if introducing my female betta splendens to the tank will take him down a peg. Seriously.
Fish are usually quite shy on the first few days.
It will take them about a week to get used to the environment.

Was your tank cycled?
That tiny bit of PH different is unlikely to be the caused of the death.

There will always be a slightly different sizes for all adult Black Neon Tetra.
Female is usually the bigger size one.

Most Tetra have the tendency to peck and fight with one another.
Happened to my Phantom, Paraguay, Neon, Cardinal, Diamond Head Neon and Black Neon Tetra.
The fight is quite harmless.

There is no need to worry about feeding.
Your dominant Black Neon Tetra will only eat what is enough for itself.
Once it is full, it will stop eating and not touch the rest of the food.

Honestly, I do not think it is a problem, they will feed together when they are used to your tank.

P.S. My tank has a lot of plants to zoom around and hide.
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I think your fish are suffering from the ammonia and very high nitrites in your tank used2b. You should do a water change every day with Prime until it cycles so the fish do not feel the effects of the ammonia and nitrites. Prime keeps them safe for 24hrs while letting the filter remove the nasties!

I agree though, I like the black neons too!! Glad they're doing well hyun!!
Thanks, didn't risk it!

Thanks everyone!
Last night I returned the "bully" to the store, explained what happened and they exchanged him for another black neon. To catch said bully, I had to remove 1/2 the water (bucketed to return to the aquarium) and all the decorations.

I put everyone in the QT and put the decorations back (rearranged) (I have about 40% cover with the two big full artificial plants, the big bogwood, and the smaller plants and bigger rock formations (which is why I never saw any of the others except the bully LOL) and reintroduced the neons.

I had a beautiful school of 8 and they stayed in the main area for over two hours. This morning they were in the plant but when the light came on all but two came to the open area. =) hopefully my shy guys are just stressed from all the netting and changes this past week.

Sorry I didn't give my parameters before but I'm pretty proud of my water, LOL. I did the fishless cycling with two giant tiger shrimp over a four week period so my bacteria colonies could have handled a pretty massive bioload. (I run two filters on that 20g, an aquaclear 50 with biomax and the one it had years ago when I broke it down)

Temp: 76F
Nitrate Somewhere between 0 and 5 ppm

I think big boy just wasn't a team player and eight was too small a school for him.
Any changed in environment will make the fish shocked and shy for a while.
To me, it is not necessary to change the dominant one. (To me, that is good gene! haha!!!)

Just gave them a couple days more and they should be swimming around.

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