Black Moore Goldfish Changing Scale Colors?


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well smile.gif

I have recently noticed in the past week that my black moore goldfish (about a year and 5 months old) has started to lose scales on its belly (Or even changing the colors of its scales?). Now, my goldfish is in a nice 29-gallon tank all by itself and it does have some jagged decorations that I believe could have caused this. I have already taken them out today, so we will have to see what happens, but just in case, I decided to post on here too! I will also attach pictures for you all down below. I did all my water testing and everything checks out—the pH is 7.8ish, the nitrite is 0, etc, so I am definitely unsure what this could be. As you can see in the picture below, my goldfish does not have many scales on its belly and is beginning to lose them too around their front fins as well, so I was just wondering if anybody has any advice. With a closer look, I can sort of see the outline/shimmer of scale, so I also assume that the scales are still there, but my goldfish is just changing scale colors, which also worries me. While cleaning the fish tank, I have not seen or sucked up any goldfish scales that may have come off either and I do not seen any in my filter either so I am assuming that they are not losing scales like I originally thought.

As of right now, I put some aquarium salt in to aid in the healing, but in the past, it has not helped as much as I thought it would, especially since my fish has hurt itself on other decorations that I later took out for their safety.

Bonus: If anyone is able to tell me the gender of my goldfish too that would be amazing!


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black moors naturally change from black to orange/gold most of the time, do you think that could be what you are seeing here? changing colour is a natural part of this fish specie's ageing and nothing to worry about :)
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looks like the natural colorings of most Black Moors
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