Black moor fish

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HI All ...

I'm a newbie.. Hope I'm posting in the correct place.

I just have a quick question .. So my fish (burnt toast) is sick -
He has the swim bladder disease it all started on Sunday - we have him in a hospital tank - at the start he was at the top of the tank and was on his side also noticed he couldn't stay under the water he'd float back up to the top
Anyways to make a long story short - I got him medication and he is now floating in it - it says if nothing changes after 5 days to repeat.

So since hes got the medication - he's no longer on his side and he can now stay under water
He only started to eat yesterday - little bits of food - Cleaned his water last night as it was gone rather dirty and was looking in at him today - hes now staying on the bottom of the tank - not much movement from him - slowly breathing but i've also noticed ALOT of poop .. does this mean anything

Can someone help me out - give me advice - tell me what the signs sound like - I really don't want him to die.

Thanks a million
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Try feeding him peas
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Buntybaby, welcome to the forum.

Since he is getting better, it sounds like constipation causing issues with the swim bladder. What do you feed, how do you feed, what's the frequency of feedings and how much per feeding?
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Oh I tried the peas and he's no way interested

Id feed 1st thing in the morning like 7:30 am and not again til maybe 9 pm - I feed him (them) flakes but I'm learning they're not that good - and at the moment I'm putting one flake into his tank in the morning to see if he will eat it and the last two days he has started to eat - but waits until the sink to the bottom.

Does it sound like he's on the mend??

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Looking at your profile, you say you do not know about the Nitrogen Cycle - is Toast in a cycled tank? What size is his tank?

Oh, welcome to the forum btw
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I have had good luck in combatting the occasional bout of constipation in piggy goldfish by crunching up an algae disk into small pieces to feed them until it clears their system and they are back to their usual selves if it is due to constipation and fed less from then on, as well as occasionally offering some more algae disk crunched up into little pieces and mixed in with their regular food combination I use. I also have found since making it a rule to have Anacharis in their tank at all times for them to nibble at, they don't even really need the algae disk method anymore as a treatment, but I am not going to dig through the bag of food mix to pick out the algae disk pieces so I just call them a preventative now. Mine wouldn't eat the peas either, I was in the same boat as you are at one point and these methods are what helped for us.

Switching to a good quality sinking pellet food does wonders too if the issue is not constipation but swallowed air in their stomachs since they can't usually just pass gas like we can and relieve it. If the food floats, regardless of whether it's flakes, floating pellets, granules or any other form of fish food commercially available it serves to reason that they are going to gulp down some air with their food in the process of eating so make sure if you do decide to switch to something else, it says "sinking pellets" not "floating pellets" or similar. Even when I introduced a type of fish that had previously eaten flake food at the surface (danios and Rasboras that came from my brother's tank) I acclimated them to eating as my goldfish did: a varied diet of sinking pellets, mini-wafers, minI sticks, micro-pellets, and granules since it can't hurt the danios or Rasboras to eat sinking food but it can and will hurt our goldfish to eat floating foods. I hope this helps you as well. Good luck with your black moor!

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