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Discussion in 'Molly' started by seanieboy, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. seanieboyNew MemberMember

    Hi all.
    my black molly has columnaris.
    hes in his own tank now and my other fish arent infected..he was we think bullied by another male in the tank which we removed to another tank.
    he started off with the white just on his mouth and we used myaxzin which was reccomended by a fish shop not our local one..the cotton mouth seemed to improve slightly...we then realised that there was carbon in the small spare filter we were using,stupidly we didnt think...we removed the carbon[was 2 days before we realised] then he got pop eye..last night i couldnt see any cotton on him but he still had the pop eye...we looked at him today he has the cotton wool stuff above his eyes and underneath and still the pop eye and cotton on his fin and a bit on his back..he has been eating a bit and seems to prefer the light off..why isnt he getting better..this has been about 6 days now..will he get worse before he gets better..should i go to lfs and try a different medicene..hes in a 35 litre tank and im giving 1.5 ml as per instructions.. ive also put a small amount of aquaruim salt in as fish shop said this is good for mollys...can anyone help or has experience with cotton mouth and pop eye and sad to see him sick
    thanks very much.
  2. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    I'm sorry to hear your mollie is sick. Really, since you had left the carbon in, your treatment didn't really start until the first time you dosed the tank after the carbon was removed. I would just continue the treatment as directed (and assume your first treatment was after the carbon removal).

  3. seanieboyNew MemberMember

    thanks very much for you think meds would take a while before he improved as its been 3 days with the meds after taking the carbon out,,also how often should i use the salt in the tank for him..cant seem to find much on it when i google it.many thanks
  4. bass masterWell Known MemberMember

    It sounds to me like there are a few different problems with your tank that may have led to your fish getting sick. First off, your tank profile says you have 50 nitrites, Im not sure if you meant to put 50 for nitrates, but either way those levels will be toxic to your fish and can lead to a number of problems. Your chemicals are probably out of wack because your stocking level is too high, this results in a much faster build up of waste which can cause high nitrates and can cause ammonia to build up faster than your filtration can handle it. Also I noticed a few problems with your stocking list, the biggest problem I saw was the red tailed shark. Those fish really dont have any place in a community tank like yours and can get very aggressive towards other fish.

    As for treating your fish, how did you set up your quarantine tank? did you give it adequate filtration and use filter media from your established tank? If not, the q-tank probably has toxic chemicals building up in it from the waste your fish is producing and stressing him out even more causing him not to heal.

    My best advice would be to return many of your fish, you might want to post in the stocking forum to get some better advice on which fish to keep and I cant say I know all that much about a few of the species you are keeping. Reducing your stocking list and keeping more compatible fish will help your chemical levels and will get rid of some excess aggression you might see in the next few months. Also I would make sure to get the q-tank properly cycled with media from an established filter and see how he does with the treatment then. Just a little side note, but I do not usually recommend medications, but in your case it sounds like the infection is in a very dangerous region and needs to be treated very quickly. I personally would use a mix of maracyn and maracyn II to treat the pop eye and columnaris, although Im sure other members will be able to give better advice on what medications to use. IMO fish stores very rarely give good advice, especially when trying to sell you something so I wouldnt just go with whatever medicine the store tells you to use.
  5. bass masterWell Known MemberMember

    looks like I was double ninja'd :;nin2 I guess I took a while to make my post, but salt does not leave the aquarium except through water changes, when changing the water, only add enough to treat the new water you are adding
  6. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Yes, it may take a couple of weeks before he is healed.
  7. seanieboyNew MemberMember

    thanks bassmaster..yes was a typo with the nitrates lol,we have 3 tanks now and the shark is just in with danios now[was told was a community fish] and the other tanks have a mix of mollies guppies and loaches and 2 corydoras..we were given bad advice about the stocking of the fish and have sorted this out with the extra tanks[constant maintainance but enjoyable]all the waters in the tanks are fine and test them reg and are all cycled.
    ive heard a lot about maracyn..quite disalusioned with lfs..just assumed that theyd give the best meds for him [like a visit from the docs]
    as the only spare filter i had was a new one then it definatly wouldnt be cycled..sorry am newbie but learning all the worried about water changes because not sure if the fish gets the meds still.
    thank you so much for advice..what do you think about adding salt to the tank and how often.
  8. seanieboyNew MemberMember

    thats good to know may be a couple of weeks before hes better..was expecting it to be like antibiotics with us and after 48 would be improvement..thanks for the salt info..will only add when water change.what happens with the meds at water change
    this is my first proper sick fish.its horrible.
  9. bass masterWell Known MemberMember

    glad to hear youve spread out your tanks! You might want to go ahead and update you tank info though, it lets you post multiple tanks. Also 50 is still pretty high even for nitrates, ideally you should have nitrates under 20 and should be doing weekly water changes around 30% for your main tanks.

    I would definitely cut off a good deal of the floss off some of your established filters and stuff them into the one you have on the quarantine. Most cartridges have a decent amount of extra floss around the edges that can easily be cut off to move to a different aquarium.

    Unfortunately, youre not the first one to get bad advice from a LFS... if you read around the forum youd be amazed by some of the pure lies some stores can tell that can result in some serious problems....

    btw I answered the salt question in my second post
  10. seanieboyNew MemberMember

    thanks i saw the salt post after i already posted mine.i will do that with one of the main filter floss thats established and hopefully that will help..yes at one point was so overstocked that went and bought another big tank to house some of them then bought another for the shark and the danios..and already had a smaller one for guppy fry that are doing have a tank in every room plus the sick molly and have 2 spare smaller a few on ebay as to save money and good to know they are there in case need them..shocking with lfs.the attitude i got from one of them was [without him saying it] was its only a mollie..they only cost 1.50 but i love all my fish and hate to think of them in pain..they are so callous and just in it for the money..hoping there are some caring ones out there somewhere.

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