black molly not giving birth

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This is my 2nd black molly for which we thought the 1st was pregnant and after several weeks she died. Now my only female molly left has looked the same for a few months. I am down to 1 female molly and 1 male molly.  I have seen the male going at it with the female so I am pretty sure this one is pregnant as well but nothing after several months. I am just wondering if something is wrong or if I am just being impatient. I know I have read from some of you that they breed like crazy and it is often that they give birth but I am not seeing that.  ??? :-\

Forgot to mention I have other fish as well but the black mollies really do not associate with any of the other fish. I am thinking maybe being a 1:1 ratio for the black molly but that wouldnt explain my other female dying out of the blue.

Thanks all  ;D


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You one molly may have had compications. I have had Prego Fish that died stddenly to.

Your other prego female may be giving birth but they get eaten befor you see them. Also the male may be hurasing your female to much and she will not give birth. you may wont to try and seperate them in the tank so you female is alone.
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