Black Molly Has Been Hiding.


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Hey guys,

So when I first got my pair of Molly’s, they were both boastfully swimming around the tank with no issues whatsoever. I even moved all of my fish into a 20 gallon long from a 10 gallon. For the past week in a half, my black molly has been hiding in the corner and only coming out to swim every now and then. He hasn’t been eating either. Now my filter has been going through a cycle for about 3 weeks now because I stupidly got a new filter and didn’t add the old filter media to it because I figured there would be enough BB in the substrate. I have been doin water changes every other day and using prime as my main water conditioner so my ammonia and nitrites are pretty much 0. My PH is also at 7.8 so I’m not really sure what is going on
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