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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Dmavalos, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. DmavalosNew MemberMember


  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    Need more info. What size tank, how many fish and what kinds? Is the tank cycled, what are the nitrites, nitrates and ammonia?

    When fish start showing signs of illness the first thing to do is change about 75% of the water.

  3. AegnisValued MemberMember

    As mentioned above, more info would be great!

    But from the conditions you described, I'd hazard a guess that your mollies likely have velvet, with possibly some other stuff going on. With the betta, a clearer photo would help -- betta fins can split for a lot of reasons (fin rot, powerful swimming, filter too strong, etc.).

    If your mollies do have velvet, it can be treated with a number of meds (I used Seachem Cupramine for my betta when he had velvet), but you'll probably want to separate them from the tank (if they have tankmates).

    Also... your betta is kept separate from the mollies I hope?

  4. DmavalosNew MemberMember

    Ok I was treating what I thought was ich so I turned up the temp and put kosher salt I was doing 25 percent water changes every other day I have a 10 gallon tank with divider because my Mollie was being a bullies cuz she is the biggest water parameters are all good I think I got a dip stick nitrate 0 nitrate safe soft water clorine 0 all - low pH 6.2 acidic

    Also I noticed the velvety gold shimmer in the dark when used flashlite and I just noticed what I thought was ich the white spot became fuzzy then seen the stringy white poop then I checked out betta and well hisfins were kinda Friday looking:(

    Frosted looking
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  5. AegnisValued MemberMember

    How many fish in the tank total? How much space do the fish have with the divider? 10g definitely seems too small for a mollie, especially if there's a divider.

    Dips aren't accurate, and you shouldn't have 0 nitrates if your tank is cycled. It sounds like your tank wasn't properly cycled. What about ammonia readings? If you take your tank water into a pet store, most pet stores will do a water test for free if you can't afford a liquid test kit.

    Also, don't use kosher salt -- there are better treatments than salt. And definitely avoid salt for the betta -- it's bad for their labyrinth organ.

    Again -- is the betta separate from the other fish? If not, your fish are at risk, and your betta is stressed out which could be contributing to whatever is going on with him.
  6. DmavalosNew MemberMember

    1524107413705-912035326.jpg I have a 10 g tank and I can assure you that my tank was cycled my Mollie has killed my platy like 3 mo ago and she also had fry 3 mo in a row I happened to catch one and put it in a floating net breeder box and after a good month 1/2 I put Jr out of his boat and now he is keeping the molly busy they are separate from betta in same tank

    Well they are tankmates with mama mollie and her son jr I have a divider so I have total 3 fish in 10 g I had to separate because Mollie started picking on betta and betta was chasing her around as well
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  7. AegnisValued MemberMember

    I've never kept mollies myself before, but from what I know, I think your tank is too small for three mollies and a betta with the divider. It also sounds like your tank isn't cycled if you are getting 0 nitrates -- a tank that's fully cycled should have a nitrate reading. I'd really recommend getting your water tested at a pet shop for a more accurate reading. I'm also not sure how you would have cycled the tank accurately without a liquid test kit?
  8. DmavalosNew MemberMember

    I have 2 mollies mama and jr with divider and betta so 3 fish total I had my water tested at pet store 6 mo ago it was ready for fish I have treated my fish 2 mo. Ago with super ick cure it worked like a charm but I didn't want to use chemicals again so I turned up heat cuz thought it was ick I was dealing with until I noticed everything else
  9. AegnisValued MemberMember

    Even that seems a bit small -- female mollies (if I'm not mistaken) can get up to 5in long... everything I've read says black mollies generally need about 5g per fish, so that would bring you to 10g for your two mollies, but then the divided tank will take away from that. Bettas need at least 2.5g, with 5g being an ideal minimum.

    Also you should be doing liquid tests every 1-2 weeks -- a test 6 months ago won't help.
  10. DmavalosNew MemberMember

    My Mollie is 2 1/2 - 3 inch jr half her size and a betta can you tell me how to get my water parameters right I just did a 25 percent water change and did a dip stick test and it reads 1524111659209-1541339761.jpg

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  11. AegnisValued MemberMember

    It's hard to say with the dips because they often aren't accurate even if you can get a reading with them (I'm not even sure how to read them, I've always used liquid kits). I'd really recommend taking the water in for a liquid test if you can't buy a kit.

    How old is the molly? She's likely not at her full size yet. I'd still say the tank is too small for that number of fish. I'd really recommend just getting a 2.5g (or a 5g if you can) for the female betta and separating her. It'll take a lot of stress off your fish and will help them heal faster.
  12. DmavalosNew MemberMember

    Well the mama mollie was smaller when I got her 4 mo ago she has been preg 3 times and my betta is a male I will get test tomorrow thank you so much for your help god bless you!!;
  13. AegnisValued MemberMember

    Wishing you the best of luck! Hope your fish feel better soon :)
  14. A. RozhinValued MemberMember

    With even a few Mollies and a Betta, 0 nitrAtes would be, I'll go out on a limb, impossible, unless you did a 100% water change like an hour before, but even then...I will have to say that either your tank is not cycled now (no nitrates being produced, and for quite some time (or ever) if you are at dead zero, or your test is wrong.

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