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    pieeyeear Initiate Member

    Hoping someone can help me, new to this site and to keeping tropical fish. Have what is about a 40g tank (well thats what all the calculators tell me from the measurements) and it is now ready to add fish (FINALLY)) I initally wanted guppies cause i thought they would be easy and are quite cute, but then decided i want angels but found out they would eat the guppies. So i have started out with 6 black widow tetras. Now i have decided i want a black ghost knife fish. Is this a suitable option? And what other fish would go well in here?
    Any suggestions and advise would be much appreciated.
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    Ajay Solomon Initiate Member


    I would suggest Barbs and Gouramis (other than Giant and Kissing) alongwith your could also keep Mono angels ....this however is out of my experience of keeping fish....not a guru on the subject though :)

    Hope it helps you..........
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    Jon Well Known Member Member

    Barbs can be a$$es if you only have a few... gouramis can be territorial if you keep too many... they are both pretty but keep that in mind

    id suggest silver dollars because they are purty and would get along fine with your tetras