Black Ghost Knifefish Feeding

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  1. ivebeenturnedintoafishNew MemberMember

    Heya all,
    I have recently aquired an adult black ghost knifefish and I was just wondering what it needs to be fed (as all fish need a varied diet) and how much it needs.

    At the moment ive been feeding it bloodworms and brine shrimo and as there are a couple of bottom feeders in the tank, shrimp pellets and vege pellets.

    How much of these should I be feeding him and what else can I do?

  2. DeanEllenFinsNew MemberMember

    We fed ours live ghost shrimp when it was little. As it grew past 4 inches or so she got small pieces of raw frozen shrimp, scallops,clams, squids, octopus, mussels and various raw fish. You know what she also would steal? Pleco wafers! We feed a very varied diet here but you have to start trying early.
    I hope you enjoy him/her!
  3. ivebeenturnedintoafishNew MemberMember

    Thanks! He's going to be better fed than me at this rate . I'll definatly give all of those a try.