Black ghost knife & snails

i added 8 assasin snails in my tank. the tank is home to a blackghost knife, a senegal dinosaur bichir ghost shrimp, and neocaradina cull shrimp. one week the snails were there. the next week they were not. ._.
i looked it up. and on "" they said "Small crustaceans and gastropods (such as shrimps and snails) are not a good match as they are the perfect food for your Black Ghost. They will likely be eaten during night hours. Don't keep these fish with other aggressive fish, or fish which are small enough to be considered food."

** they eat the shell too???!?!?!

i know that if an assasin snail assisinates another snail.. it eats the snail but leaves the shell behind.

**what about loaches?? do they eat the snail and the shell all together??
Since assassin snails don’t get very big I’d assume the knife fish would eat them. And also what size tank are they in just curious. Those fish get big
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they are 3 inches rite now and are in a 40 breeder!
i will move them to a bigger tank in the future

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