Black Ghost Knife Help


My friend has 2 bgk hes looking to rehome and asked if I wanted them. I just want to make sure they'll fit in. Tank is 125gal 72Lx18Wx22H.
Here's what I have so far:

4 Angels (2 are pretty aggressive, maybe due to smaller tank size)
1 bristlenose pleco
1 redtail shark
1 albino rainbow shark
3 glass catfish
6 or 7 kuhlI loaches (plan on getting 10 or so more)

I just want to make sure everyone is going to live peacefully.

PS I know what people will say about the sharks, they already live in the same tank and don't have issues so I'm not worried about them.


The BGK is highly predatory. I do not think the glass cats and kuhilI will survive long


2 ghost knife, each capable of reaching around 20in. A 125 won’t be big enough IMO. I’d worry about the glass cats and loaches getting eaten too, smaller fish are generally a no go with knife fish.
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Ok thanks for the help
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