Black Ghost Knife Fish Attack!!


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Have a 120L Tank, it was beautifully stocked with Multiple Rainbow fish, and a shoal of Harley Quinn Rasbora, 2 small Bristlenose, red tailed black shark and and Black Ghost Knife Fish which we’ve had for maybe 1/2 months.

baring in mind we’ve had the Rasbora for around 6/7 months they got pretty much full size, so they was not small, also have a shoal of Neon dwaff Rainbow fish which had got to an amazing size and colour that we’ve never seen before!

Light outs and when the lights were turned back on 2 Blue Rainbow fish look every beat up, fins ripped and look bruised. 2 Rasbora and missing an eye and the worst of it all our beautiful Dwarf Rainbows one has both eyes missing and the other has its top lip ripped off!!!!! The dwarfs are atleast 3cm tall shoulders to belly and the Blues and atleast 4cm nose to tail and Rasbora and nearly full grown, the fish are not small.

To say the least the only fish that could do this would be the BGK! He was was doing fine, he was so peaceful to watch was always eating when food was there, never even paid any attention or bothered any other fish till this night so very confused and upset! If your looking to get one I’d recommend not. Been growing our rainbow fish up to put in our newly scaped 240L and half of them our ruined!


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Ghost Knife fish are carnivorous, so no real surprise that he got hungry especially at night since they tend to be more active at night and the other fish would have been semi-stationary

Not recommended to have anything else in the aquarium with them really and in many countries they are banned as being too predatory


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Black ghost knife's are gorgeous, however they are an aggressive fish AND like pagoda said they are carnivorous and active at night. Generally in the day when you see them, they are peacefully hanging out in what they know as their 'cave' or hiding spot, sometimes they even come out in the open to swim. As they grow bigger and older though, they begin to become more aggressive especially in terms of territory. Depending on how big your BGK is, you could be pushing it by keeping him in your 120L especially because they are a territorial fish. Once he grows he will definitely need an upgrade! If you can I would suggest moving him to a separate tank by himself or even one that has bigger fish that can hold their ground but aren't too aggressive themselves if things do go south.
Hope your fish are doing a bit better and recovering

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