Black Ghost Fish sick

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by clintgv, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. clintgvNew MemberMember

    My black ghost fish doesn't look so good :(
    I never see him eat and he is always laying on his side.
    Can anyone help me why he is like that?

    Anyone Know What is wrong with him?
    Please Help.
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  2. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore :)
    There's no reason to post back to back. You can use the edit button if you need to add something to a post.

    When something doesn't seem right with our fish, the first thing to check are the water parameters.
    Do you know your readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

    I don't know about your type of fish so I'll let someone else comment about him

    Good luck, I hope they feel better.
  3. thorpbrianValued MemberMember

    First welcome to Fishlore!

    Also, along with the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings what size tank do you have the black ghost knife in?

    They can get up to 20 inches long so they need a very large tank.

  4. OP

    clintgvNew MemberMember

    Nitrite is 0.2
    Ammonia and Nitrate im going to get checked by my local fish store.
    In My Tank I have 5 dwarf gouramis, 2 black ghost fish (one is in excelent shape) the other is sick. also have a peaceful red tail shark and a small pleco.

    thorpbrian. i have a 40 gallon tank. ghost fish is still small (3 inches or so)
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  5. thorpbrianValued MemberMember

    While your at the fish store I'd recommend picking up an API Freshwater Master Test Kit. It's a must for keeping fish properly.

    It's well worth the $35 to $40 it'll cost you (it'll pay for itself in saved gas from driving to the pet store and in healthy fish).

    The nitrite reading of .2 is worrisome. That probably means your tank isn't properly cycled yet and is most likely what is causing your black ghost knife to be sick.
  6. OP

    clintgvNew MemberMember

    Can you please tell me what the readings should be for the Nitrite, Nitrate and ammonia.
    Thank You.
  7. thorpbrianValued MemberMember

    A fully cycled tank should always have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5+ nitrate.

    Read about the nitrogen cycle at the link below if you don't already know about it.

    Ammonia and nitrite are highly toxic to fish at any level. Nitrates are toxic at only very high levels and are removed with weekly water changes.
  8. OP

    clintgvNew MemberMember

    Thanks alot for the help. Hope my black ghost fish will be better soon.
  9. jdhef

    jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Clintgv and Welcome to FishLore!

    I feel really bad having to tell you this, but I think you have a tank that is headed for some real problems.

    From what I understand, Black Knife Ghostfish need much larger tanks than what you have.

    Also, for the most part Dwarf Gourami's don't get along very well with each other. I got two of them for my 36 gallon tank before I learned about that, and luckily there are enough orniments and plants to break their "line of sight" and set up territorries that they do get along.

    Amd lastly, if your Pleco is a common Pleco he too will become way to large for your tank.
  10. OP

    clintgvNew MemberMember

    jdhef. yes i know that my tank is not big enough for black ghost fish. but since it's still small, it will do for the meantime and when it gets bigger i shall get a larger tank or give it back to my local fish store. My dwarf gouramis are peaceful to each other. I have a well planted tank with a sunken ship wreck where my red tail shark is always at and never comes out alot. Also have a clear pipe for my black ghost fish. And the other is living behind the ship wreck and sometimes goes inside with no problem with the red tail shark =). My Pleco atm is a baby still. Maybe 2 inches? so for the meantime its all good until he gets big =)

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