Black furry looking algae

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    Legaleyecherry New Member Member

    I have black furry looking algae growing on the decorations in my 36 gallon tank. The tank has been up and running since past July. I just noticed this today help!
  2. B

    Ben3721 Well Known Member Member

    Google will be your best friend for identifying the algae, Also a picture of it (if possible) or at least a link to a picture with the same algae will help more then anything. There are over 3 types of black algae for fish tanks that ive heard of. For some reason Black Beard Algae comes to mind here. If its that then it will be hard to pull off. Also google will tell you treatments for that. Also that tank sounds pretty good on your profile, You probably have to do a lot of water changes to keep those nitrates down, Nitrates+overfeeding+too much light will cause algae. Reduce those and scrub the algae off (out of the water and rinse the decorations) your algae should go away on it own after doing so. Some do use chemicals for black beard algae, But involves nasty dosing with a syringe and doing massive water changes after...

    If I were you id feed a bit less for awhile, Scrub the algae like I said above, Vacuum gravel twice a week (with that many fish I would do that always), and Cut back the light to a bit dimmer and for 5 hours a day (note if your tank is unplanted you can cut the light and cover the tank with a black trash bag for a few days to kill most algae types)

    Also in your profile you said you have 0-.25 ammonia in the water, Which I would say your at the edge of your bioload and vacuuming the gravel more will help a ton with that pleco. I have a clown pleco in a 10 gallon tank, If I don't vacuum for a week things will go down hill very fast. At least you have that prime ready.

    Well that's everything I know about that, I hope it helps.
  3. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    Most likely BBA (Black beard algae) I had a outbreak of this nasty stuff and I found the best way to remove it was getting a plastic syringe and spraying it with seachem excel. Make sure you turn all water movement off for a couple of hours so that it will settle and kill the algae. The most common cause of this algae's having off light, ferts and co2.

    For example you may have a high power light and not enough co2/to much ferts or your water parameters are off.

    Look up black beard algae and make sure this is what you have before treating.