Black Dragon Betta Spawn Journal #1: Katana x Mamba!


Hello, Fellow Betta Lovers!

Another member suggested that I start a spawn journal for my brand new breeding operation, and I thought that was a great idea! So, here goes...

Thursday, June 23rd:
Brought home Katana (the Samurai male) and a group of 5 mixed Black Dragon females from a local importer.

Friday, June 24th - Monday, June 27th:
Conditioned everyone with live bloodworm feedings, warm water, and lots of IAL/Catappa/Keptang leaves!

Tuesday, June 28th:
After failing miserably to pick a female to pair with Katana (Harley Quinn the Queen B of the sorority wouldn't even look at him, and Sabre the most beautiful Samurai of the bunch did not interest him in the slightest) I took a BIG CHANCE and tossed Katana into the sorority tank to see if there might be a natural match! I watched like a hawk to ensure there were no intense fights, and... (cue "I only have eyes for you")

But, all good things take time, and Katana has not blown a bubble nest yet, so I separated the lovers for now until I see a nice thick nest of bubbles for those sparkly little Art Deco babies! :emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart:

To be continued...


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Tuesday, June 28th, 11 p.m.

Katana was not very successful at blowing a bubble nest in the fry net in the big tank, so I thought I would help him out. I moved him and his new girlfriend, Mamba, into a 3-G tank and drained all but 2 inches of water from it. I then took some treated tap water that had Indian Almond Leaves soaking in it for the past few days and "made it rain" by slowly filling the tank up with the new IAL water until it was about 5 inches deep. I dropped one of my homemade hair roller floats in there with a new dry IAL on top of it (so the leaf wouldn't sink when it got waterlogged) and went to bed.


Wednesday, June 29th, 7 a.m.

Looks like little Katana just needed some extra help with his first bubble nest!


Mamba still looks pretty fat, and that bubble nest looks pretty empty to me, so I'm planning to leave them together for another couple of days to increase the chances of a spawn... BUT, he's already guarding the nest and chasing her away from it (she is mostly hiding in the shrimp tubes but came out this morning to eat some live bloodworms)...


What do you guys think? Are there eggs in the nest already? Or is he just a nervous first-time Dad who's overly protective of an empty nest? All comments/opinions are appreciated! I'm pretty rusty after 10 years of no Betta breeding! Thanks! :)


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Rose of Sharon

I'm not seeing any eggs, but then, I'm not a breeder....

What do you think, Demeter , Mcasella , ForBettaorForWorse ?


I've had my phone recording these two ALL DAY so I didn't miss the egg release while I was glued to my computer, but all they've been doing is dance, embrace, chase, repeat!

Poor little Katana's nest must not be up to Mamba's standards yet, but she looks like she's about to pop those eggs out any minute!

Fingers crossed that I get to see my first Dragon betta spawn in person tonight!


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Thursday, June 29th:
I woke up today with Katana (the male) looking FAT and hiding in the corner of the breeding tank, and Mamba (the female) looking thinner than yesterday and guarding the nest against Katana. I lifted the Catappa leaf a little and did not see any eggs, so I think he might have eaten them during the night :(

Katana has now beached himself to get away from Mamba, and she is seriously guarding a tiny patch of bubbles too far under the leaf for me to see clearly without destroying the nest.
Should I leave both of them in there just in case they go back to business as usual? Or should I rescue Katana and let Mamba take care of the nest in the hopes that there are some eggs hiding under there somewhere? Fish are so weird!
I separated them and put the female back in the sorority in a fry net to rest and recover - both of them are looking pretty worn out and their fins are shredded. I'll give the male some time with his nest just in case there are some fertilized eggs in there, but I think I'm calling this a FAIL and will try to pair him up with another female of his choosing in July! Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Betta buddies!


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KATANA DID EAT ALL THE EGGS OVERNIGHT!!! The proof is in the white poops. Better luck next time, you jerk!


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