black cloud over my tanks

  1. akamel Member Member

    :'( last week I lost 5 fish in as many days !! One was a rubbernose pleck that lfs sold my husband to go in with my gsp--he died.Maybe from brackish water ?? Also, in my 55 gal I have african cichlids who have all been doing great for well over a year now. Well per routine I did a 30 % water change and vacuum. @ days later my blue hap moori was missing so me and hunny go looking and found him under a rock ! SO we assumed that the rock slipped and he became stuck. we were really sad--one of our favs ! The next day my husband asked where peewee was--i looked ...stuck to the filter/pump thing...dead !! What is going on ??!! I see no injury, no signs of disease so i check water parameters-ammonia 0, nitite 0, nitrate 10, ph 7.6, temp 76. I have noticed any unusual aggression, etc. yes i did add prime during water change. At no time did I notice anyone behaving odd-gasping for breath, swimming to top, swimming funny--nuthing!! The ONLY thing that i have noticed is 2fish almost acting as if they are holding eggs--opening and closing mouths frequently at bottom of tank,doing some little dance thing,etc. any ideas of what could be going on ???
  2. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello, Akamel,

    Could you update your aquarium information? It would make it easier for us to help you figure out what's going on.


  3. akamel Member Member

    updated it best I could for now. thanks
  4. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    If the rubbernose pleco was in brackish water, then yes, the salinity probably caused his death. As far as I know, plecos don't do well with salt.

    What was peewee? Which tank was he in? Who were his tankmates?

  5. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm sorry about your fish :(
    I see that you're using easy balance.
    What is your water change routine?
  6. akamel Member Member

    I change approximately 30% every week for Oscar tank. For cichlids 20 % every week. Have been doing that for a year
  7. akamel Member Member

    for bolivianbaby: peewee was an elbino eureka red a.cichlid--in with other a cichlids--hap moori,convict,and the 2 surviving ones--dont know what the names are but one is white with pinkish fins, the other is a peachy/orange color. all were approximately same size.

  8. TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    Why are you using salt?? Do you have another tank that is just Brackish?
    Your Aquarium info states that you have 3 freshwater tanks.
    The 55 gallon should have no salt added. Is that the tank with the cloud over it?
  9. akamel Member Member

    the gsp tank is brackish--no salt in any other tank. actually i have a total of 6 tanks all together. my 55 with african cichlids is the one with the black cloud over it ! Everybody else is doing great (keeping fingers crossed) except for the rn pleco--lfs store said it wud be ok in brackish--i knew i shudve researched it myself !!
  10. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

  11. akamel Member Member

    thank you so much !! i felt it in my heart when hubby came home with it that something wasnt right but i tried to trust lfs and see what i got !! a dead fish !! so upset !
  12. akamel Member Member

    ok-so i found the problem with thern plec--yes the lfs said he could go in with puffers but they dont use brackish water--they obviously dont know the gsp need it. Also the african tank--found the culprit--cichlid in breeding mode turned aggressive ! took samples of all aquarium water--all in mint condition !! so what do i do?? got a jd !! I will have to rehome him in a month or so once my other tank is ready !