bizzare lighting?

  1. MJDuti

    MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    This is all hypothetical but since I have a blue-ish tint on my lighting as of now, would adding peat (just for example sake), which gives the water a tea/yellow tint, give me a green lighted tank? If so, what would that look like? I actually found a pic online that wasn't algae and it honestly didn't look terrible. It was kind of like looking into water late day when the sun is going down. It did look pretty natural, but I don't know what it would do for color for plants and fish.
  2. bass master

    bass master Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like adding a background and getting differently colored lights will give you more the effect you're looking for. A picture of what you're trying to achieve would be helpful, also keep in mind in a lot of the photographs you see of display tanks are taken with special lighting and often edited to get the effect they want.

    -Bass master