Biting off More than I could chew: A Cautionary Betta Tale

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by alpaca, Jul 8, 2015.

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    I'm not entirely sure what to make of this-- 2 out of my 7 bettas died within a couple days of each other.

    Raven died 2 days ago, and Stella died this evening.

    Raven was a baby who needed extra special care that I was completely oblivious to.

    Stella had many issues. But I've had her since January, so I was more attached to her. Her death is definitely a "kick me when I'm down" occurrence. A couple of weeks ago, she was doing her best in months. I tried to treat her with aquarium salt last night (correct dosage) and it was a huge mistake-- it only gave her more stress and complications. I should've known. She has been refusing to eat the last few days (even before the salt) just like Raven did before her demise.

    Ultimately, both of them (at the very least) died from the effects of bacterial infections due to compromised immune systems.
    Whether the ultimate cause of death was connected or not, I am not entirely sure. I do know improper care was a strong factor.
    Their deaths are motivating me even more to step up the quality of care I am giving my remaining 5 bettas.
    Maybe their passing was meant to give me a way to devote more of my attention to my other bettas. And a way for me to learn a crucial lesson. But that's just my selfish evaluation.

    If I could share any wisdom even with the fact this all resulted from lack of competence (this may seem obvious), I would say...

    -Do not obtain bettas or any pet on a whim. And do not follow an unqualified person's care, especially if you even have a hint of doubt regarding their credibility. For example, I saw my cousin had bettas and observed the way she cared for them. I assumed her bettas were content and that they were being taken care of properly. So, what did I do? I followed her methods, and I put my first few bettas in small unfiltered, unheated tanks. It's funny, because I feel like I regressed. About 5 years ago, I planned on getting a betta and I prepped correctly. I had even bought a 10 gallon tank, a heater and whatnot. But that plan fell through. Unfortunately, I went against my original instinct and against the knowledge of my in depth betta research of five years ago. I ended up following the "leader".

    -Do not buy any pets when you are sad or trying to fill some sort of void, especially when it ends up leading to more care than you can sanely handle. I obtained 7 bettas in a matter of 6 months. I think you see the issue. I was very depressed, so I bought them and "saved them from tiny cups" to give myself temporary happiness. With being depressed and being a poor college kid, of course I wouldn't have the means or motivation to give quality care to 7 tropical betta fish. Also, you can say it was the beginning of betta hoarding, because it was blatantly irrational-- considering 3/5 of my remaining bettas are sick. I am on alert and I will try to prevent any diseases from being shared any further (if that is the case).

    By the way, I am doing okay now. I have removed most of the major negative factors in my life that have contributed to my irresponsible accumulation of bettas.

    Anyway... maybe no one reading this will have their judgment clouded like mine was. But it was just a warning to anyone who is looking for pets in order to magically get rid of depression or any type of negative mind state. The ultimate high of getting new pets is only temporary. The success from giving proper care to pets is everlasting and rewarding. I am seeing adverse effects, because I let my subconscious actions take control.

    It sure doesn't help when some people on this forum are very snobby and condescending.

    I'm learning. And I will forever be learning.

    RIP Raven

    RIP Stella (07/08/2015)
  2. Anders247

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    Sorry for your losses. :(
  3. smee82

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    Rip fishies
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    Sorry for your looses. But if you are learning from this, then you are making progress.Noting wrong with that. Good luck with your Bettas.
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    We are all, always in a state of learning in this hobby, despite how much people think they may know, there is always more to be learned. It takes quite a person to look within from the outside, but even more so to put it written in such an elegant form. I am very sorry for your losses, you have my condolences. You are taking a step in the right direction, I hope it rewards you ten fold.
  6. Bijou88

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    Sorry for your losses :( I hope your other ill ones pull through ok.
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    I'm so sorry for your losses, and I am guilty of similar 'saving from cups'. :)
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    Sorry for your loss. Best of wishes to your surviving bettas
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    Welcome to Fish Lore, camy01!!!! Nice to have you here!

    I'm very sorry for your losses, alpaca. I do hope that others can take from your wisdom and experiences and advice to learn. Thank you for sharing your advice and wisdom.