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Bit Worried About One Of My Neons

  1. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    Any idea what this is?? The colour isn't usually as dull - i'd just turned the light on so they'd all drained their colour

    As you can see, the others look fine shape-wise

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  2. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    It does seem bloated !
  3. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    What would you suggest I do?
  4. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    Can anybody help please? I wanna know if I should take it out incase Im risking the health of my other neons
  5. NLindsey921 Well Known Member Member

    First off, what are your water parsmeters
  6. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    It has been with the other neons quite some time Davey.

    Wait till they color up and then decide what to do.
  7. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    I'm 15 days into a TSS cycle.
    Yesterdays tests were..
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates 5
    Ammonia 0.25

    Other than that my pH is 7.6 kh 2 gh 4

    Ok. Thank you. Im at work right now but will check on them later & let you know the outcome :(
  8. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    Update on my neon I was worried about

    At one point this morning, the bloated looking one tipped sideways & then sort of rolled & floated with the slight current I have in the tank. My wife kept an eye on them all day after that & regularly phoned me at work to keep me updated

    I got home just now (12hrs after the sideways roll) & now it isnt fat anymore & looks fine

    What the heck?
  9. SLeroux Well Known Member Member

    Glad he is looking better! One thing to watch out for is Neons are extremely sensitive to water parameters. It's recommended that you only add them to a mature, cycled tank. That being said as long as you watch them closely and keep up your water changes they can do well!

    What dechlorinator are you using? Prime detoxifies ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Might be worth checking out while you finish your cycle!

    Good luck.
  10. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    Do you think it could have been a female full of eggs? Just weird how it now looks normal size & is moving about fine after looking on deaths doorstep this morning, literally 12hrs ago

    I now know how sensetive they are, but thought that with the whole 'TSS is safe for fish whilst cycling' thing, & my anal attitude to keeping a tab on my water parameters.. id be fine

    Anyways, they're looking alright at the minute.
    I got some Prime incase of emergencies. Would you reccommend I use it now? I've used Tetra AquaSafe because the TSS Q&A on here said to. Ive been following that to the last detail. Not done any water change in the last 15 days as thats when I started the TSS cycle

    Did my tests before & theyre really confusing me. Yesterdays results were Ammo 0.25, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 5
    Todays results are Ammo 0.25, Nitrites 0, Nitrates now seem to have dropped to between 0 & 5.
    I dont understand whats going on :(
  11. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Great news !!!
  12. SLeroux Well Known Member Member

    I am admittingly still a bit of a novice here so here's my opinion but hope someone with a bit more experience can weigh in!

    For the eggs question, I am not familiar with the breeding of Neon Tetras. I've heard it's not easy so unless she came pregnant I don't think that's it.

    With their sensitivity, I don't think they'd be over sensitive to TSS but the water parameters changes while your tank cycles. I personally used Stability when I cycled my tank, I did so with platies which are a bit more Hardy. I did however do water changes for them weekly and tested the water daily. This helps keep nitrates down as the only way to remove is with plants or water changes. Maybe try small 10% water changes weekly? Be sure to treat the water before you put it in the tank!

    As for your levels, have you had any higher readings of ammonia through the 15 days? The way I tracked mine was after the high spoke of ammonia, a high spike of nitrites followed. Then cam the nitrates! Took me about 6 weeks to get levels stable. Keep pushing through and you will get there!
  13. DaveyboyManc Valued Member Member

    Ok, well I really appreciate you trying to help me out.

    Since starting my TSS cycle, my ammonia had stayed at 0.25 for over a week. I got a Nitrate reading within 3 days (super fast, I know). The Nitrite spike came & went in a flash & I never saw Nitrites. Then the ammonia went up to 0.50 around 5 days ago. The day after it went to 1ppm. Then the day after that down to 0ppm. Now for the past 2 days its gone back up to 0.25. Nitrates have stayed at 5 since day 3. Im now on the 15th day. But now they seem to have dropped to between 0 & 5 on todays tests.
    All tests done at the same time each day, in the same light, with the same kits (API). However, I use my JBL master kit sometimes too just for a 2nd opinion. I only use liquid kits. Conditioned my water too. I have a good understanding of the nitrogen cycle but this has thrown me. I dont get how I could get an ammonia spike to 1ppm & then a 100% defenite 0ppm the day after, and now a 0.25 again for the past 2 days. I feed once a day, every other day, & in small amounts. I use my Eheim vac (the battery powered 1) to remove ALL uneaten food. Im completely bamboozeled by it

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