Bishop may have fin rot :(

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My new boy Bishop may have fin rot (slightly ragged edges of tail)and he shares a divided tank with Ripley... I have only had him a little over a week, and Ripley seems fine! Is it contagious?I have on hand BettaFix,Can I use this?or not?The Melafix post was a little confusing as to weather or not the bettafix is or is not safe to use.I did not see it on the med safe list.My Water perimiters are good.
ph 7.6
Nitrite 0
Ammonia 0
Nitrate 5.0
Temp 80
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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If it's possible, I'd treat Bishop in a separate tank. Do you have a pic of the damage so we can see what type of fin rot you're dealing with or if you might not have fin rot to worry about? It sounds like bacterial fin rot.

Bettafix wouldn't be good to treat with. As far as meds go, Triple Sulfa and Rid-Fungus are what we use for fin rot. Vita-Chem, Garlic Guard and Fish Protector are added daily to help the healing process.

Keeping the water extra clean would help both Bettas, so I would start daily 25% water changes now and adding the Vita-Chem, Garlic Guard and Fish Protector.
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Let me try to get a better pic

Here he is ,I will try to get out to the lps later today if I can!!Thanks for all your help!!
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Aww, poor guy. At least they seem to not mind it too much. I'd probably treat him with Triple Sulfa and Rid-Fungus, this combo has worked great for us and even taken care of a chronic fin rot case. Those other products can be dosed with it.
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That is so sad.....I hope the little guy feels better real soon.....
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Thanks so much CoBettaCouple and Martinismommy Hubby has promised to take me to lfs later I broke my ankle a few weeks ago and am just starting getting around on it lately.
Also I have not been able to find garlic guard anywhere here,I purchased fresh minced (organic)Garlic this morning to soak there pea's in... how do I do that?Just use the juice?I have prime and stress coat which do you suggest or do I use both with water changes?also should I increase the temp?
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Yea, that will work fine in place of garlic guard and the temp should be ok at the usual 78-80. You could use both water conditioners.
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I would use the Triple Sulfa and Rid Fungus on Bishop only but the other little guy would benefit from the daily use of Fish Protector, Vitachem, and Garlic Gaurd to prevent him from contracting the infection if it is the bacterial type of finrot. They help to raise the immune system of the fish and will help to keep him well if he does not already have it and help to heal him sooner if he does.

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ok... I got the rid fungus stuff and triple sulfa I started treatment on Bishop,Bonnie & Clyde (who last night I found also have beginning of fin rot) I have them in the Red 10 gallon tank (divided) for now while I moved Ripley into the yellow 10 gallon with Hicks and New Girl (still unnamed)also divided!
Did vacuum and water change ,removed carbon,added prime,triple sulfa,rid fungus,I'll keep an eye on these guys and gal and prey I caught it all in time!
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Fin rot is a pain but I think you'll have it knocked out of there soon enough.
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Fin Rot Update

I'm not 100% But I think it looks better!!Bonnie and Clyde definitely are looking much better But they didn't have it as bad as Bishop.
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Who is the fish in the photo? Is this Bishop? If so, he does look better.....He is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well you are certainly doing all the right things and letting it get NO head start on you so you have a very good chance of getting it under control. I will keep them all in my prayers. (All the bettas are in my prayers but the ones who are sick or injured get an extra little boost.)

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He's looking very happy in there!
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Thank you all!!
As I said earlier Bonnie and Clyde are both much Better,I think today I can definitely see improvement in Bishop (pictured above)He is a handsome one isn't he (and I think he knows it )
Thanks for all your help I think because of all of you I caught this and treated it just in time
I will hopefully be getting the OK to go back to work on Wednesday and then my new 10 gallon will soon follow hehehe
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fish looks better, nice job catching it early!

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