Birthing Guppy Is Dying

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    (Skip to symptoms/problems if you don't want the background info)

    Hello all,

    So my girl is having lots of issues this month. Some of you might remember her from having an 8 week pregnancy. So now this is her second drop, and running into a lot of issues...

    She is currently alone in a 10g with 1 snail. I set up the tank March 30th but used cycled filter media. I moved her in last week.

    On the 8th she gave birth to 1 fry just before lights out. Next morning, there was still the one live fry, but she had given birth to 3 dead & deformed fry. By the times lights out last night, I took out 2 more dead fry. This morning, I found a second healthy, live fry and another dead one. The mom also had a long stringy poo but I didn't think much of it since she was in the middle of a drop that wasn't going very well. A few hours ago I took out a few more dead fry. The mom was still swimming around, though lacked energy (only to be expected I thought).

    I decided to peek at her before bed, and now she is sitting on the floor leaning against a rock. By now, I know there is something definitely wrong but don't know what or how to help.

    So... symptoms/problems:
    - lots of dead/deformed fry
    - taking a long time to drop
    - sitting on floor
    - stringy poo

    Water parameters are 0/0/30. Temp at 80F. Ph at 8.2.

    Here are some pictures...

    A few minutes ago: (sorry for poor quality, she's in a little tunnel thing hard to get a good angle)

    Here she was a few hours before she started to drop (2 days ago):

    Please help, any insight or suggestions are welcome

  2. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    Concerning the poor girl, I want to say that she is most likely stressed, thus contributing to her behavior and why her pregnancies are very long. When guppies (or livebearers in general) are stressed, they will hold their fry to the point where it kills them. She may not feel secure enough in the tank to drop the fry or may have an underlying, internal problem, which I am lightly suspecting, based on the poo description.
    Whom are her tankmates? and how much shelter do you provide (in terms of plant foliage and good hiding spots)? In regards to the deformed/dead fry, those could be a of a few things: 1) either under developed (not ready to come out) or overdeveloped (she keeps holding them in, not as good as you may think) 2)inbreeding. Inbreeding it self isn't good; just like humans, a lot of it can cause deformities and underdevelopment, especially in a species that is known for the crossbreeding to produce strains as well as the availability of mates in an enclosed space.

    I hope she begins to feel better soon
  3. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    I agree, she probably is stressed, though I can't pinpoint what is stressing her. Suggestions?? Her tankmate is a mystery nail, no other fish. I have 2 rock formations, several fake plants, and I moved some anarchis to the tank too.

    I do breed guppies so I am versed in their pregnancies and issues. I posted a thread last time when she took 8 weeks to give birth (all but 1 fry still very active and healthy thankfully) because it was so unusual. This time, her pregnancy was exactly 1 month and 1 day, which is perfectly normal time period. Only now she has these issues.

    I'm not sure about the dead fry - on most of them they have 2 eyes and fins and tail and everything, only that the tail is curved totally around in a circle so they look like mosquito larvae that are about to fly away. I would hazard a guess at underdeveloped. (I'll take a picture next time)

    I am very sure that the fry problems aren't due to inbreeding. What internal problems do you think could be the issue? I've looked for any symptoms of parasites, but the poop is the only indicator. I did have 1 male guppy with a bacterial infection in my male recently, but not with similar symptoms.
  4. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    Sorry about that! I haven't been around long enough to have noticed the thread! ( I should have probably read it before hand).

    Particular internal parasites are hard to define, most just generalize to what they are: internal.

    I had similar problem when I had my own guppy tank (that is what made me interested in your situation). A few of my more gravid females acted quite similar. After some research at the time, I found feeding Jungle Anti-Parasite tablets helped do the trick. I increased the temp to 80, did a nice water change (plus 25% in between as per instruction), stopped feeding "regular" food and began the medicated food treatment as per instructions for about a week and a half. About a week in, the guppies, and their babies (i powdered their medicated food and gave them some hikari bites in their own tank) became much better. Just continued to maintain the water quality until the tanks were healthy again. I did end up losing 2/12 females and 4/53 fry (two were noticeably in particular had two heads and many extra fins if i remember correctly), which aren't too bad of an obituary.

    Jungle Parasite Clear can also work; its probably easier to find at an LPS. I had bought the food at an aquarium specialty store.

    Anyhow, contine updating! Theres a special place in my heart for guppies and I hope she gets better.
  5. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    Did she seem stressed by the move? How was she doing in the original tank? Have you used any meds? Do the dead fry look mature or underdeveloped? If they're not fully developed it suggests something happened during pregnancy to kill them.

    I've noticed my females will get stringy poo while they're dropping, so that's not too concerning.
  6. fjhWell Known MemberMember


    Unfortunately she was dead this morning. Any autopsy didn't reveal anything unusual, except that she had 3 fry stuck in her birthing tube that (even i) had trouble removing... had to cut it open. Possibly they got stuck (fish equivalent of a breached birth?)

    Thank you to all who posted!
  7. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    I'm so sorry to hear :(