Has anyone seen or used this product before? What does it actually do? Is it something like this Tetra Safe Start product that I've been hearing about? I was standing in my LFS holding this bottle trying to read the label and still have no clue. Any idea or input? Can it get a tank cycled?


Just from the picture, it looks like a cleaner. A bacteria product for cleaning tanks and water, not a bacterial starter. There are several products like this.

It's a form of bacteria which will eat up waste and other things. Generally not something you keep putting in your tank every day, but a maintenance thing.


I can see anti-algae written on it, which would be rather odd for a product meant to introduce BB. Why not ask the staff there, which is sadly the best that I can do, never having seen the product before.
That said, just from what I can see of the label, I believe that Drake is right about its intended use, which would not include helping cycle a tank.-----------rick
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Ok thanks! I did ask my LFS staff but they couldn't give me a proper answer.

Thanks guys!

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