Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by Toadlets, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. ToadletsValued MemberMember

    I have a ton of biofilm on the surface of the water in my tank. How do I get rid of it?[​IMG]
  2. JnxValued MemberMember

    Following. I'd love to hear how, too. My bladder snails put on quite a show eating it, though.
  3. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    I'm not seeing any surface movement? The water breaking the surface from your filter output should break up that film. You can also lay a paper towel on the surface and it should absorb the film.
  4. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Do you have an airstone? You need more surface agitation to get it circulating. I would also do a water change and vacuum really well. The biofilm is usually from decaying food/waste on the bottom. We all get it, it's just that with proper surface agitation it won't build up like that.

    You can get a cup and slowly scoop it off the surface before you vacuum if you want. A paper towel works too. I was told to lay newspaper on top and peel back gently to remove mine, but I never tried it. The airstone was what ultimately worked. (Back with my first tank)

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