Bio-Wheel filter

I have a HOT Magnum filter that came with a Bio-Wheel Pro. I was using it on my aquarium several years ago but got out of the hobby when I left home for school. I am now trying to get back into it and am setting up my old tank and equipment. One thing I am unsure of is whether I need to clean my paper bio-wheel filter. Since it has been so long since it has been used, it is all green and dried up and so are the bacteria that were living in it. I know I'm not supposed to clean the bio-wheel on an established tank, but now I am wondering if I don't will there be room for new bacteria to grow. Should I clean the filter in a water/bleach solution before setting everything up or is it okay to reuse dirty? I know I can get a new filter wheel at the LFS, but I would like to reuse the original one if I can.
Your best bet would be to get a new one. Because of the layered like material that the bio wheel is made of, it would be hard to clean , bleach residue will still be in the wheel no matter how many times you rinse it.
I would just go with a new bio wheel. You will never get the paper like material 100% clean.

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