Bio Filters And Pothos

  1. Cricket lynn mclean

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    2 separate questions about filtration.

    1. I have an extra hob filter that came with a tank kit. I use it when I have need; like babies, sick fish, any disasters etc.

    When not in use can I leave the bio filter floating above the bio filter that is in use in my established tank to maintain active bacteria colonies? (Pictured)

    2. I was advised that I could put a pothos in my filter to help with nitrates in my goldfish tank. Is this the proper place to put the plant? (pictured)
    0716171128a.jpg Or should it be above the bio filter (where I have placed my secondary bio filter above)?

    Also is it ok if a leaf or two get into the tank? I mean is it ok for goldfish (or any fish for that matter) to eat them or does it harm the fish and/or the plant?

    Thank you in advance :)
  2. tocandesu

    tocandesu Well Known Member Member

    As long a the biofilter is submerged it should maintain bacterial colonies.

    I'm not sure if Pothos is poisonous to fish, but it is poisonous to cats and dogs. Also, their leaves rot when submerged, so I would try to keep the leaves above the water line.
  3. OP
    Cricket lynn mclean

    Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Thank you ❤
  4. BettaPonic

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    One thing to be careful is of is eventually the roots grow into the impeller. I unplugged the filters and now use pumps in the aquarium to pump the water into the filters.