Biggest and Baddest of Them All?

  1. A

    Adoinc New Member Member

    ^^^ As the title says I'm looking for the biggest Hang on Back filter or Canister filter that you may know of. I appreciate it, thanks! ;)
  2. Castiel*

    Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    I recommend the Marineland Emperor series of HOB filters, I run the 280 in my 29g tank, and I run the 400 in my 55g. Both work GREAT at circulating water and have lots of room for spare media compared to most other HOB. I've also heard fairly good things about their Penguin line of HOB filters, just no personal experience with them.

    I have never run a canister filter, but I've heard good things about SunSun Canisters. Good amount of room for media, CHEAP!!, and reliable!
  3. WhiteWulfe

    WhiteWulfe Valued Member Member

    What size tank will this be for, and what kind of stock will be in it? There isn't much of a point in picking up something like a Fluval FX6 or Eheim 2080 (canisters), or even a Fluval C4 or AquaClear 110 (hang on back filters) if you're filtering a 10 gallon tank.

    Myself, I'm currently using an AquaClear 20 on a ten gallon (only has a betta with a nerite snail) and a Fluval C2 on my 20 gallon high (currently has 5 fancy guppies, 2 ghost shrimp, and 3 amano shrimp).

  4. k

    k9z3boys Valued Member Member

    we use the marineland penguins on our 60 and 26 and will use the 400 on the 90. so far great GPH!
    and room for purigen bags
  5. OP

    Adoinc New Member Member

    I just want to know the biggest one. I will be filtering a 180 gallon pleco tank and you all know how much they poop lol. I love them though, so cute! I want to know a large HOB for this tank size (if there is one) and a large canister for this size tank.

    I literally want to know the biggest one of each type that handles the most fish waste ever.

    Thanks k9z3boys - I will be using the HOB as a DIY purigen reactor.

    P.s. I know I will have to do lots of water changes, just trying to keep nitrates as close to 0 as possible. Imagine I were keeping wild caught discus, which would be the best filter to keep toxicity levels down.

    I think AC 110's are the biggest as far as HOB's. Just want someone with more experience with types of filters ya know... (I have little experience with filters :confused:)
  6. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    Take a good look at the Fluval FX series of canister filters, not cheap, but about the best
    IMO a HOB will not be sufficient for this 180 gallon tank, and the best route for you is either a canister, or a trickle filter system.
  7. millca

    millca Valued Member Member

    Also check out the SunSun 404b canisters. Great filters that are inexpensive.
  8. Fishy Friends

    Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    Hi & welcome to Fishlore!

    What size tank do you have & what fish will be in the tank?

    I personally like to go to a larger filter then recommended for a tank size ie: I have a Fluval FX6 canister (rated for up to 400gal) filter on my 180 gal tank. I have a Fluval 406 canister (rated up to 100gal) on my 55 gal tank. I have a HOB Fluval C3 on my 10gal betta boy tank - it is almost like a mini canister in that you can put a lot of media layered in it.

    I don't own stock in Fluval ☺ I just have been really happy with them!

    I have read other members have good results with the SunSun & other brands MotoDude104 as mentioned.

    Edit - LOL - I type too slow & think too much - all those other posts came through answered some of my questions.

    I am super happy with FX6 & it would be appropriate for your tank!
  9. Matt B

    Matt B Well Known Member Member

    I agree as far as canisters the Fluval FX series is probably among the biggest commercially available canisters.

    That being said for a tank that size the biggest baddest filter system is probably going to be one you build/have built ie a sump filter system. Going about it this way the only limiting factor is space, you can turn the tank over more or less however much you want by sizing the return pump appropriately.
  10. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Right, the FX for a packaged filter, but a sump can go above and beyond. Sumps can also clean up some of the clutter in the tank.
  11. tonycarder

    tonycarder Valued Member Member

    Agreed. Another option would be to run 2-4 canister filters on this tank, instead of running just 1 big filter
  12. Marie1

    Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I run a Eheim 2262 on a 180 gallon. I also have a powerhead to help with surface movement. The 2262 holds more media than a FX5 I believe. It's basically a 5 gallon bucket with a huge pump on top.
  13. OP

    Adoinc New Member Member

    Ok, so I have heard most people say FX series filters = best and 1 person say Eheim = best as far as canisters go. Would you recommend one more than the other? A person that has had them both would be the best here. Sorry, it's just some people become biased about their filters. I'm guilty too don't worry.

    I've always like Fluval but want some experience with people who have had both. I used to run 2x 306's on my 55g but never Eheim.

    HOB's I kinda figured out myself (from AqAdvisor) that Aquaclear 110's are the highest rated HOB.
  14. WhiteWulfe

    WhiteWulfe Valued Member Member

    Somewhat off topic, but how does your betta like the C3? I've been tempted to swap my 20 gallon's C2 into my betta's tank when I upgrade the guppies to a C3 or C4, simply because I find them easier to clean than my AquaClear 20.
  15. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    I have run the FX5 and also some Eheim filters in the past, and quite frankly, there is not too much to choose between them.
    They are both excellent products, and either will serve you well.
    I also do not own shares in either company
  16. OP

    Adoinc New Member Member

    Which one has a slower flow? That is kind of important in my setup.
  17. Fishy Friends

    Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    He is good with either as I ran the C2 at first. I just like being able to put add'l media in the C3. I have several pieces of holey rock as well as a piece of driftwood covering the bottom of the tank. He has areas where there is current & where it is calm. He spends time all over his tank,
  18. WhiteWulfe

    WhiteWulfe Valued Member Member

    Makes sense, and good to know! And additional media never hurts in a filter either. Now I'm debating whether to swap in the C2, or outright upgrade to a C3. Hmmmm, tempting either way! Thanks for the info!
  19. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    I really cant remember which has the slower flow rate.
    It is many years since I used them, and a lot of water has flowed through my trickle filters since then.
    I would suggest you look at the spec sheets online and see if there are flow restrictors Etc with them / available fr them.
    I know that I had them on my filters, but I made my own, which is no use at all to you
  20. d

    dgmirage Valued Member Member

    great sale on marine land filters at petsmart now!