Big PetCo sale on Aqueon aquarium kits

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    Hello everyone. :;hi2 Please excuse me if I've posted this information in the incorrect area.

    I thought that I'd share that PetCo is having a huge in-store sale on their Aqueon aquarium kits. Sizes are 10, 20, 29, and 55. The kits include full hood with florescent light, filter, heater, net, and food/water conditioner samples. The sale is 40 percent off their regular prices. For example, their Aqueon 20 gallon Deluxe kit is $56 here in Florida. The 10g with same equipment is $36.

    Also, I'm just guessing here, but PetCo's famous $1 per gallon sale might be coming up. They generally run it every 3-4 months, and the last sale ended Jan. 21 2012.

    [DISCLAIMER: I do not work for PetCo and I don't "carry a brief" for their company. But I do frequent their stores, along with my local PetSmart and Pet Supermarket retail chains. I have found, IME, that PetCo tends to run fantastic in-store sales. I just want to pass on the information when I find it to help members who may be interested.:)]
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    Thanks for the info! What an enabler you are! ;)
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    Hmm, is there a new angel tank in the near future Lucy? :p
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    Hahaha Lucy! :;rl That one made me laugh out loud L O L!

    (I've definitely got the MTS malady that seems to get passed around here like the common cold.):whistling: