Big (ish) Fish :)

  1. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Ok, this won't be happening for a while. Not until all the issues with my tank are worked out. Probably a month or so before adding anything.

    Currently 1 angelfish (he's quite big, about 6 or 7 inches tall, maybe more) 7 diamond tetras, and a kuhli loach.

    If my tetras make it through this mini cycle (thanks to a 12 hour power outage) I'm planning to rehome them. I love having a pretty, active school in my tank but even when I had 10 the tank still seemed empty.

    My plan is to have 3-4 larger fish and a clean up crew.

    I'm wondering if I can add a blood parrot and maybe an eb acara. And maybe cories? Or more loaches?

    It's a 60 gallon planted tank with a fluval 406 and a sponge filter.

    Can you add to my angelfish and give me some ideas for big (ish) colourful friends for him?
  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    Your Angel is huge! I don't think that a Cichlid would do well with the Angel. I would up the Tetras to 12, and add 8 Congo Tetras, or some other large tetra, like an Emperor Tetra. Congos are a 3 inches but a large school is amazing. I'd up the kuhlis to 8. and that should fill your tank up nicely.

  3. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thanks :)

    He's 6-7 inches from top to bottom including his fins :) Would you believe he spent the first 2 or 3 years of his life in a 5 gallon tank?! He was touching top and bottom. :( He was given to one of the kindergarten teachers at my husband's school in September to go in a 45 gallon tank and then came to me at the end of June when school finished up. He's a fighter! Very pretty, marble veiltail from what I can gather. He is turning from mottled brown/green and black to a gorgeous white/blue and black. He's a character. I never thought I would like an angelfish but I really do.

    I'm all for getting more kuhli loaches. I love them! This guy I have was originally mine 4 years ago. I rehomed him with the rest of my fish to a friend of mine because I just couldn't keep up with tank maintenance with a newborn. He was the lone survivor of the bunch and went to the kindergarten class in September as well. So now he's back in my tank. He's about 5 years old. I read online that they can live up to 10 years. Are they good as a clean up crew?

    I've had all of those tetras at one time or another and I was really hoping to branch out into something different.
  4. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Angelfish are cichlids.

    Adding an EBA will be okay but the blood red parrot will be too aggressive for the tank.

  5. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    So just an angelfish and an eba? Nothing else you would recommend (other than more kuhli loaches)?
  6. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    You could add an EBA or some German rams to your current stock, no need to rehome your tetras. If your kuhlis are small though, be careful, a larger EBA might see them as food.
  7. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thanks :)

    Unfortunately, thanks to the crisis that is happening in my tank right now I may not have any tetras left to rehome. :'(

    Don't worry, nothing new is going in the tank until this is sorted.

    This is from the fishlore info on blood parrots. This is actually the reason why I started thinking about them.


  8. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I know Angelfish are Cichlids, but they are lumped in with the peaceful-semi aggressive community along with rams. I would not recommend a Blood Parrot even though I know it could work, I think it is far too risky. EBAs are not a good fit with the kuhlis, but I completely forgot about rams, lol.

    I would add a school of rams and some more loaches for now, and maybe 2 nice schools of Tetras or Rasboras.
  9. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't put any other cichild with a anglefish , the only cichild I would put is a ram, I would do a harem of them meaning 1 male/ 3 females.

    what is the length of your aquarium is it a 48"?
  10. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Well, there goes my plan.

    I just really wanted to branch out from tetras. :(


  11. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    is your anglefish a male or femsle? I would suggest getting another one of the opposite sex.

    get a harem of rams 1 male to 3 females

    add more loaches in a 48" I would do 12-15 total kuhli loaches.

    2 large schools of dithers of 12 each such as harlequin rasboras or cardinal tetras ect..

    a nice Raphael catfish or FANCY pleco.
  12. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thanks :)

    I think he's a male.

    I had a bn pleco but he died after the power was out for 12 hours. :( That is what caused the crazy issues I'm having now. Well, not all the issues but it was certainly a big contributing factor :(
  13. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    ohh thats unfortunate , you could always get another if you wanted.

    what are the issues your going through maybe I missed a part of your thread.
  14. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry. I have a thread started about it. We lost power just as we were about to leave town last Wednesday. It was out for 12 hours and when we got home on Friday the pleco was dead. :( Everyone else seemed fine.

    Then the pH crashed and the ammonia rose to 1. I didn't realize the slime coat was coming off the tetras, I thought it was ich so I raised the temp to 85F. I did a huge water change and the ammonia went down to 0.5. And then the tetras started dying. :'( They are all gone now :'( :'( In a matter of 24 hours I lost 8 tetras. The angelfish and the loach seem to be hanging in there. I've been getting advice on how to raise the pH and have crushed coral ordered (no where to get it in my tiny rural town) and I have put a little baking soda in the water. I also lowered the temp again. I'm going to try to get another large water change done tonight, provided my kids sleep, they have apparently given that up.

    So, when everything is settled and the pH is stable for at least a few weeks then I'll start looking at stocking again. :'(

    I would like more kuhli loaches. And hopefully a pleco again. I really love them. And then who knows.