Big Guy - Pleco Pic

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by SimonDG, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. SimonDG Valued Member Member

    I bought this guy in my LFS he is a little bit bigger than average one but he looks way to good and he ads some personality to the tank :)   

  2. Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    Wow... I want that kind of pleco too! So you put him in a guppy tank?

  3. SimonDG Valued Member Member

    Yea he is in my main tank wich happens to have guppy's some snails 2 khuli loaches and another female BP

  4. Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    Wow. Do you know what kind of pleco is that? I am interested to buy one.
  5. SimonDG Valued Member Member

    Yea, its a male Bristelnose pleco.
    I think i am just lucky with his size
  6. Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    Okay thank you!!!

    By the way, there are variety of colors of bristlenose plecos right?
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  7. SimonDG Valued Member Member

    The normal and the albino ones yea
  8. Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    Thanks again!
  9. SimonDG Valued Member Member

    I may not be right but i think the albino ones are a little smaller than the normal one like mine
  10. endiglowgurl New Member Member

    Yes, albinos are a bit smaller. My 3 are all around 4 inches full grown.
  11. Zahc Well Known Member Member

    Looking at the head size and colour, this looks more like a L034 to me. Ancistrus Ranunculus or "Medusa Pleco". Basically an all black BN, with a wider head. They also like warmer temps than bristlenose, and are more omni-carnivores than algae eaters.

    I could definitely be wrong though.

    @slayer5590 might be able to confirm if I am correct, or if it's just a BN.
  12. slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    Without a catch location there is no way to tell which ancistris species it could be.