Big Boys Latest Creation

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Dawn Michele, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    I like how he arranged the rock's!!! He did a good job!!! :happy:

  2. Nikki2577Well Known MemberMember

    He is very focused!

  3. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    He plans very carefully!!! He takes it serious!!! LOL!!!!

  4. Nikki2577Well Known MemberMember

    I can tell! Lol He means business! He is a professional!

  5. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    Gotta LOVE double posting!!! LOL!!!

    I enjoy seeing what he does everyday!!! He's such a character!!! :D
  6. Nikki2577Well Known MemberMember

    Have you seen the time laps of a cichlid(can’t remember what it was) decorating his tank everyday? I think it was on MFK. It was really cool. You should do that with big boy!
  7. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    No I haven't seen it. Sounds cool.
  8. 86 ssinitWell Known MemberMember

    Hard to watch that video with those birds making all that noise:rolleyes:. Lol he does keep busy.
  9. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    I like when they do tweet tweets!! :D Big Boy does keep busy!!! He's my happy boy!!! :)
  10. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    Big Boy's creation today
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  11. 86 ssinitWell Known MemberMember

    Rocky looks allot like big boy!! He part chameleon?
  12. scarfaceFishlore VIPMember

    Big Boy is the only abstract artist I admire. Everyone else are just pretentious.
  13. CanaculusWell Known MemberMember

    Dream tank!
  14. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    You got that right!!!! :D

    OMG!!!! I just saw I called Big Boy Rocky!!!! Don't tell him!!! LOL!!!
  15. Aqua FanValued MemberMember

    Your secret is safe with us. I know I wouldn’t want to upset big boy :blackeye:
  16. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you!!! ;)
  17. RHONDA PIMENTELValued MemberMember

    Wow, talk about attention to details...he's all about that and more! It's like watching the cutest most creative aquatic interior designer. So adorns. His eyes are captivating, I can't believe I'm saying this about an But he's the best I've seen!
  18. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    Hi Rhonda. Thank you for the compliment!!! :) Big Boy is a great designer. He takes his work very seriously!!! Every week he comes up with something new. LOL!!! He's a lot of fun!!!!
  19. RHONDA PIMENTELValued MemberMember

    I'll tell you what, I could watch him on a web cam, I find him very calming and soothing to watch. You've definitely got a superstar in the making! Lol ty.
  20. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    IM glad you enjoy watching him!!! I will be posting more video's of him. :D