Big Box Pet Stores -Just need to vent

  1. Phyllie

    Phyllie Valued Member Member

    I went to my local Big Box pet store a couple weeks ago to pick up some dog food. I couldn't help myself and wound up perusing the aquatic area. It was there I noticed a tank with about 3 powder blue dwarf gouramis covered, and I mean COVERED in ICH. Those poor babies were shivering and twitching and so obviously suffering that I couldn't contain myself. I literally RAN frantically (with pooch in tow) for the first employee I could find. I found a manager who I'm sure was thinking it was I who needed medical attention. He tried to assure me that they knew they received a shipment of DG with Ich and they were being treated -as if that should be a sufficient and adequate explanation to relieve me (and the poor fish.) I pointed out to him that there was NO sign on the tank warning customers of this and if some little child came in and asked Mommy for the pretty blue fish it would lead to heart break. I refused to shut up. I KEPT blabbing on and on about all the possible scenarios until someone came to isolate and treat the poor fish. (My husband refuses to go to the pet store with me any more.) Now I cannot bash all large pet stores, because many have hardworking, kind and knowledgeable employees who take great care of their fish. But be careful when purchasing fish from these stores. AND ALWAYS put your new fish in an isolation tank for a couple weeks before adding to your aquarium. Ok. I feel better already.
  2. tyguy7760

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    Lol you sound like my wife. She couldn't care less about fish but there have been many a trip to a store where something was wrong and me and the children go hide until mommy is done handing a part of the store's anatomy back to them in a hat.
  3. OP

    Phyllie Valued Member Member

    Lol tyguy7760! A woman after my own heart. Someone has got to keep them on their toes.