(big) Betta Bowls, Good Or Bad?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Wildside, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Wildside Valued Member Member


    My betta tank which I've had for about 12 years has recently sprung an irreparable leak. So I'm looking to get a new tank for the little guy (don't worry, I've found a temporary solution, he's not about to dry out).

    I've seen a lot of adds for betta bowls and cubes with inbuilt filters etc. To be clear, I'm not talking about those tiny cups/cubes you see them sold in. I'm talking about 1 gallon to 6L type things. I always kept my little guy in a 20L, so it was a lot bigger. That being said, I'll admit that aesthetically, these little things are quite cute.

    My question is if anyone has experience with them/thinks they're suitable for a fish.



  2. Rohit mess Valued Member Member

    Hi Wildside,
    T be honest, you will face many problems related to water quality in small bowl. I used 1 gallon tanks (4litre) and its pretty messy so i will never go any less than 5G for betta. Its just too much trouble man. For the time being you can try how it suits you and then use it as a QT tank if you do not like it(which is what i have done).

    There is another way but i am not sure you will go to the lenght of the trouble to do that. Its using the bowl as main tank with a big tank below the table as sump. Some one in my area did that as he had not much space on table. I did love that design. It looks cute too. The amount of water was literally massive because of the sump that was brilliantly hidden. And for a single fighter fish that was a nice setup.
  3. WanhiBetta Valued Member Member

    1g is unfortunately too small for any betta to be happy. They're active fish and need place to swim. I personally had a 3.3g and still felt bad because my betta couldn't swim a lot. So I bought a 10g and im much happier now. In a 1g, with substrate, heater, decorations, there is litteraly no place left to swim. The minimum is really 2.5g, but it's a good size from 5g.
  4. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    i wouldnt keep any fish in 1gallon bowls. once you add in the decor, substrate, filter and heater there is no room for the fish to swim
  5. lilabug4545 Well Known Member Member

    I keep my breeder fish in 1G jars, however I buit a siphoning and pump system, so I have a bunch running on basically one giant filter. The system all need daily water changes, however. I also switch up decor at least once a week, so that no one gets bored, and some of them get switched every day so that they don't tailbite. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have enough bettas and are breeding/selling enough for it to be worth the time.
  6. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    Ive seen big 3gallon blows, but its hard to filter that and i heard it messes up bettas visions