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  1. dano569

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    Has anyone every returned anything to big al's?me and a friend ordered a couple of emperor 400s and some other stuff and i opened mine and it was cracked in about 3 friend is out of town working and it says notify them within 48 hours of getting it.i think it's slightly past that he is gonna call today.i was wondering if anyone had to return anything because of damage and if they are good about letting you swap for another one?
  2. Butterfly

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    I personally have never used them but have heard they were good to work with you.
  3. dahly

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    I've bought from them, but never returned anything. Can't help you with this one. I'm sure that they'll make good!
  4. OP

    dano569Valued MemberMember

    got my friend's wife to open his and it's cracked in the same place as mine ??? :eek:.i'm not sure what is going on.hope they will make it right. :-\
  5. chickadee

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    I think that is a Marineland product and if there is any problem, you should register your products on the website under their Consumer Products section and they will make it right if it is still under warranty. They are WONDERFUL to deal with. Just be sure you have the numbers off your invoice. I saved the receipt from my aquarium I bought in July and when my light system went out they sent me a new one free of charge. All I had to do was read them the number from the receipt. It didn't take long to get either. You don't even have to send in the old one. (or I didn't anyway.) Since it involves a crack they may want a picture sent by e-mail just for their quality control department. But I would give BigAl's a chance first.

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    whatever happened?
    just curious, thanks!
  7. Isabella

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    I have bought a lot of freshwater products from Big Al's and I generally like them for their low prices. But I do, however, have a problem with a canister filter I bought from them. Rena Filstar's XPs are generally considered very quiet filters. Well, my XP3 must be some faulty model because it is very loud. I did everything - checked for trapped air inside, for dirty propeller, clogged up filter media, etc ... but everything seems fine inside. I keep the filter clean and free of debris. Yet, the filter seems to be loud for no reason. Kind of sucks and I am thinking of replacing it with 2 HOB Aqua Clears. The XP3 I have has also stopped filtering this summer about 10 times - every time I opened the filter, the protective cover over the propeller was pushed out even though I closed it tightly according to the instructions by the manufacturer. Weird filter.