Bicolor Angel Not Eating

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    Martymartino New Member Member

    Hello Fellow Fish Lore Members,

    One week ago today I added a Bicolor Angel to my FOWLR Tank. When I first added him to my tank, he seemed very active, but within the last couple of days he has become more reclusive and likes to hide in the Live Rocks. Will come out every so often and go back in. I'm sure he is still getting acclimated to his new home, but what concerns me most, is that I've yet to see him eat the foods I've introuded. My parameters are fine and all my other fish are eating just fine. I do catch him grazing on the live rock and siffting through the sand every so often. I've tried frozen Mysis, frozen marine Cusine and prime reef flakes. Any advise or thoughts?

    Thanks In Advance

  2. Dlondon95

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    Welcome to Fishlore!

    Sometimes new fish just take a while to get used to their tank and won't eat during that period.

    Don't worry, when he gets hungry, he'll eat :)

    I'm sure he picks at stuff on the rocks and on the ground when the lights are off, too.
  3. ryanr

    ryanr Fishlore Legend Member

    What else is in the tank?

    BiColors are more herbivorous than carnivorous. They will typically favour marine algaes and spirulina. Dlondon is correct in that it will probably graze on algae while you're not there to see it.
  4. OP

    Martymartino New Member Member

    Thanks for the response guys. Maybe he is still getting acclimated and is eating while I'm not watching.

    I currently have:

    (3) Damsels - a Four Stripe and two Blue ones
    (1) Clown Fish (Ocelaris)
    (1) Purple Fire Fish
    (1) Two Barred Rabbit Fish
    (1) Cleaner Shrimp
    (2) Hermit Crabs
  5. Mike

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    Bicolor angelfish don't usually ship all that well and getting them to eat is the biggest hurdle. I'd recommend trying Rod's foods and get some clams on the half-shell from your local grocery store and see if that gets a feeding response. Fish usually go absolutely nuts for those.

    You could also try putting a nori sheet (seaweed) under some live rock in the tank and see if it goes for it. You could leave that in all day or overnight and hopefully it eats something for you.