Bi color angelfish compatable with my tank?

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I am looking for some advice on compatability of the BI color angelfish and the rest of my tank. I would like to add a bicolor and maybe another trigger or a puffer. It is 300 gallons and currently has:
1 powder blue tang 6"
1 pink tail trigger 5"
1 convict tang 5"
1 yellow tang 4"
1 false facula (yellow / black / white ) (angel) - oops, butterfly fish 5"
5 nemo's 1.5"
1 cleaner wrase
1 lawnmower blenny
100 snails
500 blue leg hermits
5 emerald crabs
1 ton of live rock well, maybe 1/2 ton

All the fish get along great currently. Is a bicolor angelfish too aggresive? Any input on another great colored trigger, blue throat maybe?

Thanks for your help,

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welcome to fishlore!!!

I can't answer your question as I'm a fw gal, but plenty of sw experts will see this and advise I'm sure...I just wanted to welcome you and wonder do you have pics of your tank? ;D
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300 gallons!!! Ahh, hopefully someday for me too.

I'd be more worried about the trigger being aggressive than any of the others. The pink tail can be more docile than other triggers but I'd still watch them, especially with the inverts in the tank. The Bicolor angelfish can be very finicky and in my experience is not very hardy compared to many other commonly available dwarf angels like the flame and coral beauty angelfish for example.

How is the powder blue tang doing? Any signs of crypto or any feeding issues with the powder blue? These are also known to be very difficult to keep. It's one of my favorite species with the colors they sport. Good luck with your tank. So many possibilities with it.
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300 GALLONS That is a massive tank and you have loads of livestock in it

DO u have any pictures?

From Matt
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The trigger has been well behaved, so far. He comes out from the rocks more when he eats, grabs food, and goes back down or into the rocks. He does hang out quite a bit outside too and seems pretty gentle. He really likes shrimp, frozen food and mysis. He will eat flake food, but it is not his favorite.

The powder blue did not eat for the first 5 weeks no matter what I through at him. He got so thin I thought he would die in a number of days. I finally got him to eat algae using veggies clips. He then started eating flake food. Now he eats as well or even better than the others. I think he is just stupid because he has trouble locating food unless it is directly in front of him. He gets his share now though. He is gaining back his wieght over the last three weeks of eating. I haven't had any issues with the health of any of the fish. I am running 2 bio wheel sumps, both with Bio filters in them and a UV sterilizer.

I was not into fish at all and then I purchased a new house. The house came with a 300 gallon built into the great room wall. The other side is in what we use as a computer room. So it is kind of nice that you can see both sides. We talked about making the tank a china cabinet. My old college roomate, who helped me move, talked me out of it. So the world of saltwater fish started. The only fish that came with the house was a yellow tang. It took me 8 weeks to get the tank PH, salinity, etc under control before I added more fish. The lawnmower blenny was the first fish I added and kicked butt eating the algea.

I figure the tank can handle a couple more fish, depending on the size and temperment. If I did it right there should be some pictures attached. One from each side, and a shot with 5 of the fish in it.
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Welcome to Fish Lore!
Wow what a huge tank.....Nice! I'm sorry I can't help you with your question either. I have never had sw fish. But it looks like Mike has helped you out. I just wanted to also welcome you.
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That is a really nice looking tank. I can't tell from the pics but does it have an overflow in one or both of the corners with a sump below it? Or no? Check out the diamond goby to keep the sand clean. But make sure that the rock is not sitting on top of the sand or it could topple over onto the goby or other inverts from the goby's burrowing activities. The rock should be sitting on the bottom of the aquarium with the sand around it if you keep burrowing species.
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They are some really awesome fish and a very nice tank you got there

Hopefully I will upgrade to a tank that size sometime

From Matt
nemo addict
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you should have a big enough tank that the bI colour will have less aggression most of your other fish will keep it inline (normally the clowns) ,,
also you have to watch raccoon butterfly fish with triggers as they can have problems with different triggers ,,,

If you have the problem with fish not feeding again try getting some garlic paste and soaking the food in it ,, this normally makes em feed as they can't resist

and also may I say I am willing to trade houses with you as long as the tank is inherited with it >>

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